Summer Romance

It started with a holiday
then a Fall
then Love
Then goodbye.....


2. #2

*Haley's POV*

"Haley,Rebekah" my mum said from outside the door. "I am sleeping"Rebekah said and pulled the pillow over her head. Rebekah once poured cold water on my head so it's pay back time. I got out of bed and walked into the en-suite. I pulled out the glass vase that I kept for flowers.I filled it to the top and grabbed my phone, put the camera on and tiptoed over to her. Then empty the vase on to head. She screamed then shouted "I am up now!". I just stood there laughing. "I record that" I said in-between laughs. I then walked into the bathroom with my clothes. I needed a showered. I got in the shower and began to sing 'Titanium'

"I'm Bullet proof,
nothing to loose,
fire away,
fire away,
you take your aim,
fire away,
fire away, 
You shoot me down but I won't fall I am titanium." 

I was interrupted by banging on the door "Hurry Up!!!!" Becca screamed "I am getting out now. give me time women." I shouted back causing her to laugh. I got dressed it to my clothes we picked out yesterday. What to do with my hair? I decided to blow dry it the leave it down. I have strawberry blonde hair. I applied little make up.

*Rebekah's POV*

*skip to when on plane*

Stupid Plane. I really Hate planes. "Sweetie calm down!" My mum said to me. "What if we crash or die?!"I almost shouted. "We won't."said my mum.I calmed down. "Flight 889 to Florida is now boarding" a women said. We started getting up. We handed our tickets to the Women who's name tag said 'Maple' "You can board" 'Maple' said. We started to board. "Oh I forgot to ask want time we will be landing" My mum said handing me all the tickets.

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