On The Run

Some people have powers. They are known as mutant freaks and are hunted by the government. Clara, Nathan and Melonie will have to start a revolution of people on the run. How will it end? Read to find out.


3. Chapter Three

    I fastened Luna carefully to my belt admiring its beauty and looked up at Nathan and Melonie. Melonie was looking around the room as though she were trying to learn the room by heart and Nathan was looking at the floor with his hands in his pockets,

    “We had better get going then if we want to catch Liz before she leaves,” I said fiddling with my hair. Melonie nodded and walked past me, out of the door and onto the landing. Her long brown hair braided over her shoulder and her backpack gently banging against her back. Nathan caught my eye,

    “I hope you’re not angry at me for making you say she could go it’s just I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her and letting Them get her,” He did look generally sorry,

    “It’s ok Nathan, I forgive you. Just don’t make me say yes to every person we bump into,” Nathan’s face relaxed into grin and he stepped forward and caught me round the shoulder in a brotherly way, I was a little taken aback but didn’t complain,

    “I knew you would understand,” he said pulling away. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned round,

    “Enough hugging! We need to catch Liz before she leaves!” Melonie told us her green eyes seeming bigger than usual. I turned back to Nathan,

    “You ready?”

    “As ready as I’ll ever be,” he replied grinning at me. I smiled back and with that we walked down the hall and down the stairs into the small and shabby reception room. Liz was there, sitting behind a desk with her feet on a stool reading something on a Spiro. As we walked towards her Liz looked up at us through her spectacles,

    “I knew you would have to leave someday,” She said addressing Melonie, “But I will miss you. There is something nice and comforting being around a young child especially one as clever as you sweetie,” She started opening and closing draws as if looking for something, “Ah yes! Here it is!” She said after a while, “I made it up specially for you Melonie dear,” She held up a small rather old bag and handed it to Melonie, “It’s just a couple of Tri-bars and some money. It’s not much but I hope you appreciate it,” Melonie looked up at Liz and threw her arms around her neck. Both of them had tears rolling down their cheeks. I looked over at Nathan feeling a bit awkward and caught his eye. He ruffled his blonde hair looking uncomfortable.

    “Well you had better be going then,” Liz said. I turned back around to face her. I felt I needed to say something so I managed to utter a thanks.

    “You don’t need to thank me but enough chatter now you must really be going I can sense Them are near,” This took me aback.

    “You can sense them?” I asked astonished.

    “Why of course dear if I wasn’t one of you do you think you would still be here and not locked up in a cell somewhere or worse dead? You turn up here obviously looking like you have been sleeping rough for a couple of days at least! You need to be more careful! I haven’t survived this long by going into towns and cities practically proclaiming that I have magic! Honestly child, you look cleverer than that!” I must have looked stunned and slightly scared because in a gentler tone she said, “Now you really must be going I fear they are too close than is comfortable.”

    “I think it’s a bit more than too close to be comfortable,” Nathan said in a tone so scared I turned round to him in bewilderment and saw he as pale as a ghost, “More like on our doorstep close,” My heart stopped. They were there! How? That wasn’t possible! They couldn’t be! But then again it was a city so a band of Them would probably be there anyway to keep the civilians ‘safe’. I looked over at Liz who seemed to be frozen clutching Melonie to her with an expression of true terror on her face. Just then the door handle turned. I suppressed a scream, found Nathan’s hand and held on as if my life depended on it. Strangely he didn’t throw my hand aside in fact he held on even tighter. Suddenly the door flew open and I stiffened. None of us had any combat powers at least I didn’t know what mine was so we possibly did but I couldn’t control my powers so we were as good as dead. I looked at Nathan and he looked back at me and gave my hand a reassuring squeeze although how we could survive this I had no idea. Three men dressed all in black with hoods covering their faces strode in. I heard Liz take in a short breath beside me and Melonie sniff. I felt sorry for her, she was six and had settled down here with Liz looking after her then we had turned up and probably brought Them right to their doorstep.

    “Wh... What do you want?” I asked trying to make my voice sound brave but failing. The tallest out of the three men walked forward and lifted his hood from his face. His face was horrible. He had a scar running from his right ear to the corner of his mouth and it glistened horribly in the pale light that came from the dull light-bulb fixed to the ceiling. He was bald and had a wicked, sadistic gleam in his eye,

    “Oh, I think you know exactly why we are here Clara Laurence,” He said a brutal smile on his pale lips, “You’re too dangerous to be allowed to live. You being alive is a danger to all normal people. So are your friends Nathan Phillips, Melonie Carter and Elizabeth Smith. You all have magic and therefore you are all a threat,” I stood up a bit straighter and asked,

  “How are we a threat? Melonie is only six, all Liz does is run a small hotel and you’ve already taken away everyone Nathan loves and cares about. By all means take me away and lock me up or kill me but just leave them alone, they have done nothing wrong just had the misfortune to be born this way and if you have to take one of us take me because I couldn’t bear it if something happened to any one of them and none of them have any powers that could harm you in any way. I am a far greater threat than them because I do not know what mine is but I hope against all hopes that if I get away from this it will be something that will bring down you and the government who have made our lives living hell!” I felt hot tears trickling down my cheeks but they were tears of anger and not sadness. I looked at Nathan who looked back at me, his mouth set in a stiff, defiant line. I turned my head to Liz and Melonie and was shocked to see an almost incredulous look in Melonie’s eye. She mouthed a word and I understood. The word was Luna. Of course! How could I have forgotten? I looked back at the man and saw he was watching me very carefully. I couldn’t untie Luna now. I’d have to wait until his attention wasn’t fixed on me.

    “How very touching... But I am afraid that we have to take all of you not just one. Now I am bored with this mindless chatter. Seize them!” The room went up in uproar but after a few moments I found myself standing alone with my three friends no longer beside me. Liz and Melonie were being held by their arms by the larger of the two men who had been standing behind the one with the scar and Nathan was being held, with difficulty, as he was attempting to kick the man who was holding him in a headlock in the shins. The man with the scar walked slowly towards me. He smiled a malevolent smile at me and circled me. He picked up some of my hair and let it fall through his fingers,

    “And what shall we do with you, pretty?” He asked. I stood tall and straight and did not answer him, “Perhaps we could shut you away in a cold dark cell or kill you with a bullet through the head? What do you think boys?” He looked up as the other two men guffawed. I took my moment and whipped out Luna. I felt something run through me, like an electrical current and lightening the colour of sapphires erupted from the end and hit the man with the scar square in the back. It took the other two men a few moments to register what had just happened which was long enough for Nathan to squirm out of his captives grasp and rush to my side Melonie also managed to get free and ran to a corner but Liz was not so quick and her captive had enough time to get her into a headlock and pressed a short, thin but deadly knife to her throat.

    “Run. Save yourselves,” She managed to choke out before a thin red line appeared on her neck and the man holding her let her lifeless body fall ungracefully to the floor.

    “No!” Melonie yelled trying to run to her but me and Nathan grabbed her and ran at full speed to the door. If Liz’s last wish was for us to run and keep our lives who were we to go against it. I pushed the other man out of the way and we fled out of the door. We didn’t stop running until we reached the woods and Melonie collapsed into a heap of sobs underneath a large oak tree. I felt dizzy and then everything went black.


    I woke up and saw Nathan looking concernedly down at me. I managed a weak smile and sat up. My head swam dizzyingly for a minute but soon stopped. I looked around and saw that we were in a clearing. Melonie was still laying under the oak but she was asleep, her face red with crying and her brown hair had come out of the plait and was splayed messily over half her face. She had a blanket laid over her and she was cuddling her tattered teddy. In the middle of the clearing I saw Nathan had set out our blankets and a few of our possessions.

    “Are you ok?” He asked rather anxiously. I looked round at him and saw his eyes were full of concern and worry.

    “Yeah, I’m ok,” I replied brushing my hair out of my face, “How long was I out?”

    “About two hours,” He was about to say more when he suddenly spun around and looked into the trees surrounding us. I had heard it too. It was the sound of a body hitting the floor. Me and Nathan looked at each other with pure terror in our eyes.

    A voice swore through the bushes. I drew Luna and slowly got to my feet. I crept to a gap in the shrubs and looked through. A boy with short black hair and brown eyes was picking himself up and staring up a tree which had another boy sitting in it who had stark white hair and piercing green eyes.

    “Why’d you push me out of the tree Ryan?” The boy with black hair called up to the one sitting in the tree.

    “I was bored. No game has gone by since the rabbit we shot this morning so I needed to do something to amuse myself.”

    “You think pushing me out of a tree is amusing do you?” The boy who had been called Ryan was about to say something when Melonie coughed in her sleep. He looked over in our direction and soon spotted me standing like an idiot above the cover of the bushes which were hiding Nathan and Melonie from view,

    “Well, well, well. What do we have here?” He asked jumping down from the tree, “A spy from our dear friends in the government? No she doesn’t look clever enough for that,” I started backing away and he started walking towards me.

    “I’m sure she means no harm,” Said the black haired boy. I looked round and saw I was about to trip over Nathan who mouthed up at me ‘Who?’ I shook my head in response. Ryan had got to the clearing,

    “Oh look Charlie! There are three of them,” Nathan stood up next to me and gave me a quick, reassuring smile.

    “Who are you?” He asked in a brave voice, “And what do you want with me and Clara?”

    “Oh look he’s sticking up for his girlfriend how sweet,” He walked over to us twirling a knife, “I am Ryan and this is Charlie,” He said indicating the black haired boy, “And we are on the run from the delightful government just because of a special thing that runs through our blood,” I watched him carefully. He was on the run like us but he seemed violent and he had a wild look in his piercing green eyes.

    “We’re on the run too, you know,” I said holding Luna still tighter.

    “Ooh now I’m scared,” Ryan mocked suddenly someone appeared in the middle of the clearing. She had long brown hair that came down to her waist and wise grey eyes. She looked about nine or ten and was wearing some jeans, a t-shirt that said The Family on it in green letters and a light green hoodie.

    “Ryan, leave them alone otherwise I will go and get Clarice!” She said sternly. She turned to us, “Sorry about him, he likes to get carried away sometimes. Normally when he’s bored or has been hunting all day. I’m Laura by the way and who are you?”

    “Er... I’m Clara, this is Nathan and that is Melonie,” I didn’t know why I was saying this but I guess she was just one of those people who you tell everything to without meaning to. Just then Charlie came through the bushes with two other people and I realized that he had disappeared. One of the people was a girl with fiery red hair and the other was a boy who had short brown hair and intelligent grey eyes that I swear I had seen before and then I looked back at the girl and saw that they looked exactly the same. The boy and girl looked slightly younger than me and were holding hands. I realised that Nathan was still holding mine. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Melonie’s eyes flutter open and her sitting up. I raised my eyebrows as if to say ‘Can they be trusted?’ She nodded in response and I relaxed a little. The girl with red hair slipped her hand out of the boys and walked towards us,

    “I’m Clarice,” She introduced, “I am the head of The Family, that’s us by the way.”

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