On The Run

Some people have powers. They are known as mutant freaks and are hunted by the government. Clara, Nathan and Melonie will have to start a revolution of people on the run. How will it end? Read to find out.


1. Chapter One

    I was running fast. I could hear the wind rushing in my ears. Trees were blurring past at an alarming rate. I turned my head and groaned. They were still following me! They had been following me since Brighton and were starting to get on my nerves. They would have been easy to get rid of but I had nothing on me. Not even a knife. I kicked myself for leaving the safety of my room and not equipping myself with anything that could help me in any way just now. I felt in my pockets but all I could find was a half-eaten pack of bubblegum and a black ball-point pen. I tried to remember what I had in my backpack. I knew I had a novel, my journal, a thick blanket and a box of matches. I had more but I just couldn’t remember what. Just then I noticed it was eerily quiet. I couldn’t hear the heavy footfalls of my followers anymore, just the strange sounds of the forest. I turned my head but caught no sight of them. Just trees. I slowed down, panting heavily. I had no idea where I was.


    I had managed to get a fire started thanks to the matches. I decided to have a look at the other contents of my backpack. The first thing I pulled out was the novel. I looked at the title, A Little Princess. I loved that book. It may seem like a childish book but I found the story wonderful and had read it many times. I was glad it was the book I had grabbed off the shelf in my hurry to get out of the house before they came. I searched through the rest of my bag and found my journal, my walkman, a pile of CDs, a hairbrush, thirty pounds, a torch, a change of clothes, a bottle of lemon ice tea, a few bars of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and I was already sitting on the thick blanket. I decided to eat one of the chocolate bars as I was getting quite hungry. It tasted good but made me immediately thirsty so I had to take a sip of my bottle of ice tea. I was getting bored so I decided to read some of my book.

    It was getting dark and the light was fading rapidly. I was just getting to the bit the book when it is Sara’s birthday and she gets the Last Doll. I was tired so I decided to call it a day and snuggled down under my blanket. About Midnight I woke up. I didn’t know why I had woken as I was sleeping like a log. Then I heard it. Almost silent. Careful footfalls. I cursed under my breath. It was them. It had to be them. But something was strange. It was too quiet. They weren’t quiet or careful in the least. Who or what was it then? I waited. The sound was getting nearer. I sat up slowly and looked around. It was too dark to see anything but the dark shapes of trees. I fumbled in my bag trying to find the stupid torch. Just as my fingers brushed the cylindrical shape I heard the noise of a twig snap a few feet behind me. I instinctively turned round. A boy was staring at me, his green eyes shining brightly through the darkness. He was scared. His fear was radiating off him in waves. It was obvious they were after him too. I stood up slowly, wondering what he could do. It must have been pretty important for them to want to catch him.

    “Are they following you?” I asked cautiously. He nodded, “Me too,” I said tenderly walking slowly towards him. I could see him better now. He had short blonde hair and was maybe a year or two younger than I was.

    “What’s your name?” I asked then added, “I’m Clara Laurence.”

    “I’m Nathan Phillips,” He whispered. He let me bring him over to my camp. I re-lit the fire and got the torch out of my backpack,

    “Are you hungry?” I asked, “I’ve got chocolate,” He nodded. I searched around in the backpack until I found one of the bars, then I handed it to him. He ate it as if he hadn’t eaten in days. He probably hadn’t. In the fire light I could see his hair was messy and had leaves and twigs caught in it. His clothes were dirty and mud-smeared. He needed a wash. I decided that if he chose to stay, tomorrow we would find a pond or lake so that I could wash his clothes and he could bathe. He was sitting on his own backpack. I wondered what he had in it. He saw me looking at it,

    “You want to know what I have in my backpack, don’t you?” He asked. I nodded, “I thought you did,” He sighed and pulled it out. He unzipped it and started pulling things out. Once he had taken everything out, he looked up,

    “It’s not much, but it’s all I’ve got,” He said looking slightly forlorn. I looked at it. He had a book (Treasure Island), a journal (We all did), a DVD player, three DVDs, a half-empty bottle of Strawberry Ribena, five pounds, a DS, a small case of DS games, a pack of playing cards, a camping towel and a blanket.

    “It may not be much on its own, Nathan, but together we have an alright hoard.”

    “Are you asking me to hide with you?” He asked looking at me cautiously.

    “Not hide. Travel,” I said, “I’ve been on the run from them before,” I added.

    “Before?” He asked.

    “Yes. I finally lost them and rented out a house in Brighton where they found me after a year of me living there.”

    “Wow,” Was all Nathan could say as he looked at me with awe, “How did you manage to lose them? They’ve been following me for five days now and I have only just managed to shake them off, although I’m sure they will be back soon. I can smell them. They are quite far off but travelling nearer. They will be here by tomorrow at around eleven o’clock at night.”

    “Did you just say smell them?” I asked incredulously.

    “Yeah, they absolutely stink!” He told me.

    “Is that why they are trying to get you?” I asked quietly.

    “What’s in your backpack then?” He asked me ignoring my question, “I might ‘travel’ with you if it’s anything good.” I showed him and told him my plans for tomorrow if he decided to stay and travel with me.

    “You seem to have an alright collection of things and if we are going to be searching tomorrow we better get some sleep as it is already,” He checked his watch, “Ten past One in the morning.” I smiled,

    “OK, see you in the morning,” I replied lying down and snuggling into my blanket. The last thing I heard before sleep reclaimed me was Nathan laughing gently to himself as he blew out the fire and turned the torch off.


    “Wakey wakey,” I rolled over and pulled the blanket over my head. I was not a morning person.

    “I thought we were going to get up early,” Nathan said pulling my blanket off me. I groaned and sat up groggily.

    “What’s the time then?” I asked rubbing my eyes.

    “Eleven o’clock. I’ve been awake since nine,” He answered. I stood up,

    “WHAT? And you didn’t think to wake me?”

    “I’ve been trying every twenty minutes but you just rolled over and muttered something unintelligible every time.” He said grinning mischievously, “Oh and by the way, you missed breakfast.”

    “Great!” I muttered to myself, then spoke louder and said, “Well we had better get a move on then I suppose.” I started putting my things away and Nathan followed my example. Finally we were done.

    We found a clear-ish pond around two. On the way there Nathan told me he was thirteen, a year younger than me although he was slightly taller, and all his family had been taken by Them. He had had a younger brother who was nine when he was taken and a little sister who was seven when she was taken. He hadn’t really known his parents, they had been taken when he was six, his brother had been four and his sister two. He seemed to have had it almost as bad as I had. I never knew my parents, just my Grandmother. She had passed away when I was five and I had been on the run practically ever since. I was now fourteen and had been running from Them for almost seven years.

    I was letting his clothes dry on a rock when a splash of water hit me in the face. I glowered over at Nathan.

    “Are you going to come in?” He called, “It’s lovely and refreshing!”

    “Soon!” I shouted back, I did need a wash after all, “Just need to turn your clothes over.” Mine weren’t too damp anymore. I was wearing my spare change and knew that I wouldn’t be able to change clothes every day, or wash every day for that matter. I should enjoy it while it was here. I stripped to my underwear away from the eyes of Nathan and slipped into the water unseen. I swam silently under the water and came up behind him shouting ‘BOO!’ It scared the life out of him. He returned it by splashing me right in the face. This started a splashing fight, of course.

    Finally we were washed and our clothes were dry. I was just packing our clothes in our backpacks when Nathan suddenly asked,

    “So why are they after you? What’s your power?”

    “I don’t know,” I answered, “My Grandmother always said there was something special but she wouldn’t tell me what. All she said was that I would find out shortly before I turned fifteen and that’s only three months away!” I realized just how scared I was, “And I have no idea what to expect,” I added quietly. A tear trickled down my cheek. Nathan walked forward and hugged me,

    “Everything will turn out fine,” He whispered, “I promise.” I pulled away from his grasp,

    “How far away are they?” I asked.

    “About three and a half hours.”

    “We had better be going then.”

    I hadn’t been on the run for about a year and it was showing. I used to be much faster. It was infuriating. Yesterday must have obviously been a fluke of adrenalin, as I was too tired to do anything but walk today. Maybe that was due to my Midnight visit. Nathan was pretty chatty but kept asking me questions about how I had managed to be on the run for that long. Most people only survived a couple of days, a few weeks at most. I wasn’t listening to him. I had my own questions. Why was I so different? Who was I?

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