The Heart On My Wrist ♥

This is an Ashton Irwin one shot that came to mind, I know it isn't very realistic but I find it extremely adorable. The flipping amazing cover is done by mybestfriendisapenguin_xX like usual, she just makes amazing covers, go get one from her!! :D


1. One

 I grab a long sleeved shirt, despite the weather and slip it on. I slip on some jean shorts and pull them on. I put on some pink socks and my black converse. My shirt is gray and there is an anchor with the words 'I Refuse To Sink' printed around it, I think I look good. "Julie!" My brother shouts and I turn away, going downstairs and to the door to find Carrie standing there. "Hey girl!" She exclaims and I smile. I flip my hair and she smiles. "She looks so perfect standing there!" She sings and I laugh. "Let's go, we have to make it to the award show." I say and she nods. We leave, getting in her red volkswagon and she starts the car and pulls out of my driveway.
"I can't believe we are going to see Five Seconds of Summer!" She squeals as we elbow our way through the crowd. We get to the front, fighting back anyone who tries to push past us. "We get to see them!" She exclaims and I smile. Squeals erupt and I try to see who is coming. Ed Sheeran walks down and I cheer and he waves. More squeals erupt as celebrities walk down the carpet, stopping and taking pictures. Five Seconds of Summer walks down the carpet. "Calum!" Carrie shouts and I smile. "Ashton!" I shout and he actually walks over. "Hi." He says and I smile. I get a picture with him and my sleeves slowly slide up my arms. Ashton grabs my wrist lightly and pulls up my sleeve. He looks up at me and hugs me, kissing my wrist. He walks off, taking more pictures with fans until they are gone. 
Carrie and I find our seats and I gasp. "Look!" I exclaim, pointing in front of us. "Calum!" Carrie shouts again and he turns around and waves at her and she gasps. The other girls around us start screaming like crazy. "Ashton!" Carrie shouts and he turns and she is pointing at me. He gets up from his seat, causing a roar of people to call his name. "Let me see your wrist." He says and I keep my sleeve down. He reaches out and grabs my wrist, sliding up my sleeve. He pulls out a red sharpie and starts writing on my wrist. All of the girls around us are going crazy and I just shyly sit there. He smiles at me and goes back to his seat. I turn my wrist upward and read what he put. It says 'I am strong. I am beautiful. I am needed. Ashton Irwin says so. No more cuts, no more scars, I am worth it.' At the bottom is a red heart with an A in the middle. I get tears in my eyes and watch him as he goes on stage and I smile. I take a picture of my arm and wipe away my tears. I am loved even if he won't remember me, I know he cares, and I am glad to be a fan. <3
Saved by Ashton Irwin <3 my savior <3

Authors Note

So yeah, here is another one shot, honestly how did you like it? I know it wasn't really realistic I just liked it :) -Over&&Out

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