Break the glass

I don't believe in the supernatural. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts are just nonsense made up to scare kids around campfires. And then the writing appears on the glass. But I shouldn't be afraid because ghosts aren't real. They can't be. It was just a game... right? *For the 'Say Her Name' Writing Competition* *Winner of the 'Say Her Name' Writing Competition*


7. The Take Over

The girl had her head on the desk. She wasn’t even listening to what he was saying to her. Insolent brat. He would show her.

“Miss Rowe! Will you pay attention?” his voice boomed. He was a figure of authority. She had to listen to him.

“What is it Mr Richards?” Her tone conveyed annoyance.

How dare she?

Mr Richards tried to threaten her with his own scowl but he found himself paralyzed by her stare. Glassy brown eyes shot daggers at him as her bone chilling glare seared through him. Her beauty was as cold as her voice. Curly black hair that fell to her shoulders framed smooth chocolate skin. Full lips held an icy smile that didn’t touch her eyes. He shook off the fear. Why should he, a superior member of society, feel intimidated by a child?

“Roberta Rowe, you will answer the question or face severe punishment.”

Her eyes narrowed and a slow smile crept across her face.

“My name is Mary.”

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