Break the glass

I don't believe in the supernatural. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts are just nonsense made up to scare kids around campfires. And then the writing appears on the glass. But I shouldn't be afraid because ghosts aren't real. They can't be. It was just a game... right? *For the 'Say Her Name' Writing Competition* *Winner of the 'Say Her Name' Writing Competition*


3. Panic

I wrapped my jacket even tighter around me. The courtyard was freezing. Piper’s Hall School was without a doubt one of the freakiest places out there. Everything was always covered in thick fog and vines festooned around the gargoyles and the large iron gates that kept us inside the school. The sun rarely ever shined over our school. It was like a prison full of snot nosed brats and folklore.

“Where is he?” Naya snapped and looked around.  “This place is creeping me out.”

I could imagine why she was afraid. It was dark and she was still traumatised from the day before. The bruise on the side of her jaw was already starting to fade which was strange because it had only happened yesterday.

Five days.

What did that even mean? Whatever it was it didn’t sound too good. I looked up at the tall iron gates.

“What’s the problem?”

We both yelped and the sudden interruption. It was Caine. Handsome as ever. Jeez do you really have to think about that now? His smile was dazzling but it didn’t touch his eyes. There was something different about him. It was like his demeanour had been covered in ice. I shook the feeling off, thinking I was probably still shaken from yesterday.

“When we were getting ready to go out with you and Dean yesterday something… bizarre happened,” I started. “We were attacked by something.”

Naya shifted from one foot to the other looking around again.

His eyes widened and he moved closer to us. “Are you guys ok? Have you gone to the police or seen a doctor about Naya’s face?”

“No…” I murmured.

“Why the hell not?” Caine exclaimed.

“Keep your voice down or we’ll get caught,” Naya hissed at him.

“You’re the ones who called me here don’t get mad at me -.”

“It was your idea to start this whole Bloody Mary crap in the first place-.”

“Don’t try to turn this back on me that’s not fair!”

I watched them argue back and forth until finally I couldn’t take it anymore.

Will you two shut up?” I snapped at them. Afterwards I wished I hadn’t.

“What are you doing outside?”

We all turned to see the matron, Mrs Gordon, staring at us her beady eyes glaring at us. Yep we were screwed. I noticed that there was something peculiar about her. Her usually jolly red face was pale and gaunt. Her eyes was sunken in their sockets.

She wants you.” Mrs Gordon extended her arm out towards us and pointed at me. She began to walk towards us and a thick gooey black liquid began to seep from her nose and eyes.

“Oh my god,” I breathed.

What was going on?

“I think we should get the hell out of here.” I could hear the panic in Naya’s voice.

Naya and I started to back away from Mrs Gordon but Caine just stood there and watched her. A slow, reptilian smile stretched across his face and sent tremors through my body. Something wasn’t right here.

“Revertere,” he crooned softly to the haunted woman.

Just as abruptly as she had come, Mrs Gordon vanished into thin air. What alarmed us most was Caine’s head twisting all the way round to give us an evil grin before disappearing along with her.

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