Break the glass

I don't believe in the supernatural. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts are just nonsense made up to scare kids around campfires. And then the writing appears on the glass. But I shouldn't be afraid because ghosts aren't real. They can't be. It was just a game... right? *For the 'Say Her Name' Writing Competition* *Winner of the 'Say Her Name' Writing Competition*


6. Break The Glass

Kneeling on the bathroom floor I sent up a prayer. Today was the fifth day. They had kept me in some kind of death-like state. Caine stood before me. Nausea surges through me. Everything was happening to fast to comprehend. Candles lit the room. Naya and Mrs Gordon stood behind me grasping tightly to blades.

“Three women. One young, one old and the virgin that spoke the words,” he growled.

“What are you?” I glared at him. I felt so betrayed.

“I am the one who is going to set my beloved Mary free.” His hand reached out to stroked the mirror. “It has been five hundred long years but we shall soon be reunited through you.”

He snapped his fingers and in an instant Mrs Gordon and Naya were beside me.

“Naya I’m your best friend. Remember we were going to fight -.”

“Be silent,” Caine barked.

I stiffened. My blood pounded in my ears and every muscle in my body screamed at me to flee but I just couldn’t. Why couldn’t I run? Why couldn’t I fight back? Bile started to rise in my throat.

What were they going to do?

“On the fifth day, she shall rise,” Chanted Mrs Gordon and Naya

Without warning, Cain grabbed me by the hair and slammed my head against the mirror. Fragments of glass splintered around me.

I start to feel heavy. Something warm trickled down the back of my neck. And then I knew… I was dying. My breathing was laboured as though I was holding weights on my chest. I didn’t want to give up but each breath became harder and harder to take in. I didn’t dare blink in case I didn’t open my eyes again. It feels like billions of tiny nails are drilling into my head. My eyesight starts to dim until I can no longer see. Come on Bobbie fight. Just a little longer.

My jaw was tight as I grit my teeth together. I know I can no longer hang on. My hearing begins to fade, I cannot hear the chanting.


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