Finding Her Way (Short Story)

A girl just five years old, was living with an alcoholic father, who one day, killed her mother. The state took her away and put her in an orphanage. Nine years later, she's been through foster care, through foster care all her life. The fourteen year old girl has completely given up on people loving her.

A twenty-two year old single women, just four months pregnant was taking a walk, when suddenly, she see a women taking a young teenage girl into an orphanage. She feels a strange, but strong urge to go in the orphanage...


12. Chapter Twelve: Lurane's POV

~Two Weeks Later~ 
Ever since Mary's father tried to kill me, Mary's been more distant than ever. I don't know why she was about to go with her father when cops arrived, nor do I know why I hear her crying sometimes during the night. I let out a soft sigh as I get off of bed and head downstairs. 
When I get there, I see my husband's guitar next to Mary's sleeping figure. Quietly, I take the guitar, and carefully put a blanket around her. "Sleep tight love," I whisper, daring to give her a kiss on the forehead. 

Going out back, I sit on the rocking bench. I bring my knees as close as it could get to my body. Soon I find myself remembering the days before I met Jake. 
Before I met him, I was troubled, not the kind that breaks laws, but the kind where you were depressed and believing no one loved or cared about you. My mom died of some type of cancer that left bruises on her when I was six, after that, my father began to abuse me. One day, when I turned ten, the neighbors heard my screams of terror. One of them called the cops. The cops came just before he was about to kill me. 

After several minutes of thinking, I get up and go inside to find Mary waking up. Once I get in my room, I get out my diary, the one I kept when I was being abused. 

When I go downstairs Mary was sitting up. "Mary, I want to read you something, ok." I tell her. 
"Why?" She asked. 
I just sit down across from her. "Please just listen, if you don't listen to anything else, let this be the thing you listen too." I tell her. 
She rolls her eyes, but nods. I clear my throat and began to read, "Dear Diary, my mother died today. Doctors tell me she died of cancer, but I don't believe them. The doctors that treated her were friends of my father, whom I believe helped abused my mother. I think my father killed her, but I don't have any proof of that so I have to keep quiet. Well, my father's calling me, Lurane Clay" I pause for a bit before I read another entry. "Dear Diary, my father began to strangle me today, I fear he's going to get his doctor friends to lie and say I have the same cancer my mother got. Oh no, my father's here, he sounds drunk. I have to go. Lurane Clay." 
"Wait, is this your diary?" Mary asked. 
I nod, "There is three more entry's I want to share with you. Dear Diary, When I woke up, I was shocked to find myself in a hospital room, to tell you the truth, I though I would die, but I guess, someone called the cops when my father tried to kill me. The doctors want to check up on me, got to go, Lurane Clay. 
"Dear Diary, I can't write long I am too meet with yet another foster parent. I don't see why anyone loves me, or wants me." I paused. "Later that day, She adopted me! Lisa actually adopted me. I can't believe it, I just can't, someone adopted me, and I'm positive it's out of pity too." 
"Here is the last one I want to share with you. Dear Diary, You know that boy Jake I told you about, well he told me that Lisa didn't adopt me out of pity. I didn't believe him at first, but when he told me if she did adopt me out of pity, she wouldn't have tried so hard to connect with me. And now that I think of it, he's right. Lisa was the only one who tried to connect with me, the only one who wouldn't give up on me, so I guess she wasn't pitying me. Oh, you know how I told you how Lisa was trying to tell me how God was real and what not, well, I believe her now too. I mean, sure God gave me an abusive father who tried to kill me, but if I didn't have him, I would've never met Jake, and I would've never been able to save him out of his depression stage. He told me before he met me, he was very close of ending his life, so I guess, me having an abusive father, and a dead mother, he would've died. Well, I got to go, Lisa, or well, mom is calling me, and since this is my last page, I'll have to get another one, well bye. Lurane Faith." 

"Why did you read this to me?" Mary whispered.

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