Finding Her Way (Short Story)

A girl just five years old, was living with an alcoholic father, who one day, killed her mother. The state took her away and put her in an orphanage. Nine years later, she's been through foster care, through foster care all her life. The fourteen year old girl has completely given up on people loving her.

A twenty-two year old single women, just four months pregnant was taking a walk, when suddenly, she see a women taking a young teenage girl into an orphanage. She feels a strange, but strong urge to go in the orphanage...


3. Chapter Three: Mary's POV

I walk into the school building, my darkened eyes looking straight ahead. People stopped and stared at me. This always happens when I go to a new school. I'm use to it though. I'm fourteen now, and is now in a new foster home. I don't know which one, there were too many to keep track. 

"Class, this is Mary Wolf, the new student. Mary, would you care to tell us about yourself?" Mr. Hunt asked. 
"No thank you." I respond, my voice pretty much dead with no emotion in it. 
"Alright, why don't you sit next to Brian, Brian, please raise your hand." 
A boy with shaggy blond hair raised his hand, and I walked over to the seat next to him. 

I walk into my foster home to here fighting. I sigh and head up to the room I was staying in. 'I wonder how long I'll be staying here.' I thought. 
"No you listen to me! I will not let that poor girl go through that!" Alice yelled. 
"Look, she needs to toughen up a bit, she does not need to mope around all the time!" Rick yelled back. 
"She will NOT go to that dumb training you went through, I forbid it." Alice yelled. 
I sighed, 'looks like I'll be heading back soon.' I thought. 

'Joy, it's been two weeks since I lived with Alice and Rick, and I'm back in the orphanage,' I thought, not surprised. No one wants me after all. They only take me in as a foster child because they pity me, and I do NOT need pity.

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