Finding Her Way (Short Story)

A girl just five years old, was living with an alcoholic father, who one day, killed her mother. The state took her away and put her in an orphanage. Nine years later, she's been through foster care, through foster care all her life. The fourteen year old girl has completely given up on people loving her.

A twenty-two year old single women, just four months pregnant was taking a walk, when suddenly, she see a women taking a young teenage girl into an orphanage. She feels a strange, but strong urge to go in the orphanage...


1. Chapter One: Mary's POV

I was crying against a bench at a park. I had just witnessed my father killing my mom. The gun shots were still ringing in my ears just two hours of her death. Suddenly, I hear sirens. I look up from my knees as cops came over to me. 
"Mary Wolf?" A female officer spoke. 
I nod my head, "Is he in jail?" I asked, my five year old voice cracking. 
"Yes, he's in jail." She tells me. 
I nod, "Come on Mary, I should get you to an orphanage, unless you have any other relatives." 
I shake my head, "My mom and dad were the only family members I have." I whispered.

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