Finding Her Way (Short Story)

A girl just five years old, was living with an alcoholic father, who one day, killed her mother. The state took her away and put her in an orphanage. Nine years later, she's been through foster care, through foster care all her life. The fourteen year old girl has completely given up on people loving her.

A twenty-two year old single women, just four months pregnant was taking a walk, when suddenly, she see a women taking a young teenage girl into an orphanage. She feels a strange, but strong urge to go in the orphanage...


8. Chapter Eight Lurane's POV

It was 9:30pm, Mary was sound asleep, and I just got done praying. Tears escaped my eyes. "I don't understand," I find myself whispering. "I don't understand why Jake had to die, I don't understand why Mary's mom had to die, I don't understand anything. Mary has been through a lot, a lot more than a fourteen year old girl should go through." A sob escapes my lips and I cover my mouth. 
When I opened my eyes, I found that I cried myself to sleep. I go to my bathroom and freshen up 
When I get downstairs, Mary was eating a granola bar. "Hey," I tell her, she ignores me. 
"Do you want to do something?" I try again. Nothing. 

I was reading a book when I feel my baby kick. I touch my stomach. Feeling tears stinging my eyes, I blink them away. I hear a crash, and I hurry from my chair from my room and ran downstairs. When I get there, Mary was on the floor, tears streaming down her cheeks. 
"Mary, what's wrong?" I asked rushing to her side. 
"Leave me alone!" She tells me getting up. 
"Mary please! Just talk to me!" I begged. 
"Why? Why should I? You don't know nothing about me! You don't know what I'm going through, and you never will! So why don't you do us both a favor and just send me away!" She screamed at me. 
"No, I will not send you away. You can do all you want Mary, but you are stuck living with me until you turn eighteen." I tell her, trying to contain my tears. 
"Why! Why do I have to live with you! Can't you see I don't want to be here? Just send me away Lurane! I don't want to be here! I hate you! Can't you see that!" She screamed and ran to her room. 
When I hear her door slam, I let my tears come down. My knees crumble under me. "I wish you were here Jake," I whisper. "Then you could help me get through to Mary, just like you got through to me when I turned fifteen." 

I open my eyes to see I was still on the kitchen floor. I get up and clean up the glass. Once the glass was picked up, I dried the water that was in the glass.

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