Short Horror Stories

This is just a collection of short Scary Stories I wrote. I hope you enjoy!



1. Monster

"Daddy", she says as I carry her to her room, "Can I sleep with you and mommy tonight?".

"What? Don't you want to be a big girl anymore?", I ask her. She's been sleeping by herself for over 2 months now, I don't know why she wants to sleep with us.

"It's not that... there's a monster in my room, Daddy" she whimpers. "It's real scary." As the short corridor slowly comes to an end, the blue carpet beneath my toes meets my daughter's pink door. The decorations of flowers distracts me from her concern for a moment. I assure her there is no monster in her room and open the door. I am suddenly hit with the scent of Febreeze and welcomed by the coolness of her room. The nights have been getting hotter and hotter. I tuck her in bed and kiss her goodnight.

"Be a big girl tonight, you can sleep with me and mommy tomorrow." And with that, I leave the room praying that she'll sleep tonight.

*     *     *

I wake up to the sound of muffled crying and whimpering next door. "Great, looks like she's sleeping with us again" I mutter to myself. I get up quietly and swiftly so I don't wake up my wife, but it's no use.

"Harold", she groans, "Is Esmeralda crying again?"

"Yeah, she said she wouldn't, but kids will be kids." I say as I walk to our door. The door yelps as I open it and I limp to my daughter's room. I open the door and take a deep breath of cool Febreeze before walking towards my daughter's bed.

"All right, sweetie, let's go." I don't notice her tears as I pick her up.

"D-D-Daddy... there's someone in the closet..." she cries.

I groan before answering "There's nobody in your closet, honey".

"Daddy...Daddy there is", she whispers. I realize this will be an argument I will not win unless I show her the empty closet. I sigh and blink heavily.

"Alright, sweetie, let me show you that it's empty." I sit her on the bed and she squirms into her covers. "Don't you want to see there's nobody there?" I ask. She pokes her head out of the blanket and scowls at the closet. I start slouching towards the closet and slowly open it. I look in the closet with my eyes half open and, after a few moments, realize that it's not empty.

I look to the right of the closet to see my daughter hugging her shaking knees. She looks up at me, startled, and pauses before diving into my arms. Shocked, I stand motionless.

"Daddy, thank god you came. I...I think there's a monster in my bed..."

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