Not quite stories but little ideas I've had. Maybe some extracts from some of my novels. It's like my online notebook.


3. An empty glass

Saw a writing challenge online that said 'write about an empty glass' here's my attempt:

~~An empty glass is an interesting thing. People view it so differently. Some will see it as a challenge to fill it however most people dismiss it as nothing or leave it for someone else to deal with.
I wish I could say that I was the kind of person who tries to fill their glass, sadly I’m part of the large majority of this race of sheep who try to pretend their glass is full or just ignore it. Most people don’t think see a glass as something that needs filling or they just think someone else will do it for them.
Yet some of us sheep can step out of line sometimes and join the people who stand alone filling their glasses. That’s what makes us humans different from other animals, we have some people who can think and act for themselves. We can push ourselves beyond our limits and dream bigger than what could possibly ever happen. It’s better to dream big than not at all right?
That’s my question, are you the kind of person who leaves your glass to be filled by somebody else? If you are then maybe you should take control and challenge yourself in life, that way you might have a chance of living and not just surviving.

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