1. transformation (tomboy to girly)

Piper is the ultimate tomboy. her best friend ana on the other hand is the ultimate girly girl. not to mention head of the volleyball and cheer team. Piper's crushing on head of the football team. which is weird for her because she's never been like this for a guy. ana supposedly "helps" Piper by getting her a spot on the cheer team because football players always go with cheerleaders. right?

A justin bieber and one direction fanfic.


21. Sleepovers and Phone Calls

"Scoot Over." Connor whispered loudly. I shifted over towards Connor just to annoy him.

"Piper," Connor groaned turning towards me rubbing his eyes, "It's 2'O Clock in the morning." He whined. My phone vibrated on the nightstand and I reached over Connor to grab it.

"Your Boob is in my face." He complained. I giggled (I mean laughed) and looked at my phone. I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion when I saw Evan was calling me. I got off of Connor and sat on the side of the bed.

I clicked accept call on my phone, "Evan It's Two O'clock in the Morning."I quoted Connor's line to perfection.

"Hey Piper," Evan sounded down, almost depressed, "Do you think you could come home, I know it's late, but I really need you to come home."

"Did you and Marianna get in a fight or something?" That was the only reason I could think of that would have had Evan so depressed.

"No, Mari's right here," Evans voice was now just above a whisper, "Please Come Home-." Before Evan could finish his sentence his voice cracked. I immediately knew he was crying.

"I'll be there in ten, Just Chill Evan."  I couldn't think of why he would be crying. I hung up the phone and looked over at Connor who had drifted off to sleep.

"Connor get up, I need you to walk me home." I placed my hand on his shoulders shaking him gently.

"I can't get any sleep with you around can I?" He whispered tiredly. I rolled my eyes before grabbing my coat off the couch in the living room. I didn't bother changing out of my pajamas even though it was nearly twenty degrees outside.


I was only a few blocks away from home when I started asking Connor questions, "Why do you think he'd be crying?"

Connor looked at me, "Maybe your dog died."

I stopped walking and laughed, "Connor you dumbas*, I don't even have a dog."


Why do you think Evan's so upset??

*Hint* The next Chapters going to be sad so brace yourselves.

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