1. transformation (tomboy to girly)

Piper is the ultimate tomboy. her best friend ana on the other hand is the ultimate girly girl. not to mention head of the volleyball and cheer team. Piper's crushing on head of the football team. which is weird for her because she's never been like this for a guy. ana supposedly "helps" Piper by getting her a spot on the cheer team because football players always go with cheerleaders. right?

A justin bieber and one direction fanfic.


20. Imagine That


"Maybe you should give him another chance," Connor paused the movie and crunched on another chip, "You didn't even give him time to explain I mean," He swallowed loudly, "It's kind of weird. Maybe your being set up. Maybe he was being set up. It's coincidental that Selena was kissing Justin and then you found out. How did Zayn even find out?"

I frowned before throwing my shoe at Connor, "Your suppose to lie and make me feel good about myself." I complained.

"You asked me to be honest," Connor looked at me, "I think you should at least talk to Justin about it, but at the same time you should be with whoever makes you the happiest."

I reached over Connor and grabbed the WII remote, before playing the movie again. I could feel Connor staring at me  but I ignored him. Connor moved closer to me.

I couldn't help but giggle, "Your breathing on my neck." I turned my head towards Connor and I blushed once I realized that we were nose to nose.

Connor smiled crookedly before tickling me. I laughed loudly and tried pulling him off me. Connor tickled me until the point where I couldn't breathe.

In the end Connor moved his head the wrong way causing me to accidently hit him in the face.

Connor gasped dramatically causing me to giggle, I mean laugh again. Connor got off of me before heading to his sisters room. I scrunched up my nose confused, then I followed him.

"Mari, Piper HIT me!" Connor opened his sisters door forgetting to knock.

I followed Connor into Marianna's room and couldn't help but cringe at all of the pink and black. Marianna looked at Connor then Me, Then Connor, And then me again before laughing, "You two are adorable." She sat down at her makeup table and dipped her powder brush in her powder before applying it all over her face.

"Where are you going?" Connor looked at his sister.

She turned around smiling at me, "Your brother has a very romantic night planned for me." Marianna winked at me before applying her mascara.

I stuck my tongue out fairly disgusted.

Connor smiled, "Imagine that."


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