1. transformation (tomboy to girly)

Piper is the ultimate tomboy. her best friend ana on the other hand is the ultimate girly girl. not to mention head of the volleyball and cheer team. Piper's crushing on head of the football team. which is weird for her because she's never been like this for a guy. ana supposedly "helps" Piper by getting her a spot on the cheer team because football players always go with cheerleaders. right?

A justin bieber and one direction fanfic.


6. Fancy

PIPER                    ANA


I waited in my usual spot listening to Fancy. I hummed along until someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around to see Justin. Once again I began to feel self conscious.

"What's up" He said grabbing my hat and placing it on his head. I gig- laughed not giggled laughed. Right?

"Nothing Much" I said reaching for my hat. Before I could get to it he snatched it and put it behind his back. I rolled my eyes at his childless.

"Give me my hat Justin" I said whining. His smile grew wider. I stamped my foot and pouted like a two year old. The bus pulled up and he ran on it. He paused at the step and turned to look at me. "You have to earn it sweetheart" Before I could reply the bus doors closed.

I stared amazed at how smoothed he played me. It was almost as if. Almost like. Could it be possible Justin was trying to bring the old days back?

"Someone's in love" Ana teased coming up behind me. I felt my face heat up and I crossed my arms defensively. "What are you talking about" I said popping my gum.

"The stupid smile on your face and the flush on your cheecks could only mean one thing babe" She replied smiling. I rolled my eyes not knowing how to respond. I watched as Ana sped by me on her (pink ugh) skateboard. That's the only boyish thing about Ana. After years of begging her she finally got a skateboard.

I struggled to catch up with her. Once I did we were already at school. Before I even had the chance to say something Ana went to join her clique. I quickly put my skateboard in my locker and grabbed my things for first period. Considering I had fifteen minutes to spare I made my way to the courtyard.

My friends Zayn and Niall leaned against the wall waiting for me. I swiftly stole a chip from Niall's bag and leaned against the brick wall. I swear that boy is all ways eating. He glared at me playfully before punching me.

"You look lovely as always piper" Zayn said smiling.

Zayn always made a remark of how pretty I was. It was kinda cute. We have this things we call 'puppy love'. For instance he'll kiss me on the cheeck and hug me like were a couple. But we never really do anything besides that.

After ten minutes of pointless talking the bell rang. I waited for every one to clear out before making my way to language.

Zayn followed me and we chatted on 'society' as we made our way slowly through the halls.  "Late as always" Mr. Dean said sighing as we entered the classroom. I looked at zayn and we both rolled our eyes before making our way to our usual seats in the back of the class room.


"Ms. Smith the answer please" someone said above me. My eyes fluttered open and I sat up in my chair. I yawned loudly getting a glare from my teacher. I squinted at the board waiting for my sleep to wear off so I could read it properly.

"Truly and Honestly Mr. Dean all I see on that board are a bunch of pointless stupid big words that don't make any sense" I said rubbing my eyes.

Zayn snickered beside me and I smirked. Mr. Dean glared at the two of us before Handing us both lunch detention slips.

Zayn gasped dramatically, "Sir I didn't do anything in my defense"

Mr. Dean ignored him causing me to laugh loudly.


Zayn and I quickly snuck in the lunch room and grabbed the same thing which was a slice of pizza a cinnamon bun and a sprite. We weren't going to detention on empty stomachs. We munched on our pizza quietly as we made our to the detention hall.

I quickly shoved the rest of the pizza in my mouth wiping my face and walked in to the classroom. Mr. Dean glared a the cinnamon bun in my hand, but decided no to say anything.

As I was walking to the back of the classroom I saw Justin. I hurried my pace and sat beside him

"What are you in for?" I asked smiling

"Spitball and you" He said looking me up and down.

"Sleeping-" I was cut off by Mr. Dean

"Ms. Smith this is not a time for socialization" He said coldly. I rolled my eyes and sat back in the chair making my self comfortable. Zayn sat behind me and started playing with my hair ignoring all my hand slaps.

The whole time I could feel Justin staring at us. He couldn't be. No. Last time I checked Justin Bieber didn't get Jealous.


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