1. transformation (tomboy to girly)

Piper is the ultimate tomboy. her best friend ana on the other hand is the ultimate girly girl. not to mention head of the volleyball and cheer team. Piper's crushing on head of the football team. which is weird for her because she's never been like this for a guy. ana supposedly "helps" Piper by getting her a spot on the cheer team because football players always go with cheerleaders. right?

A justin bieber and one direction fanfic.


19. Dirty Glares and Christmas Dinners.


"How disgusting." I scrunched my nose up at the t.v, and buried my face in Zayn's hoodie.

"Disgusting?" Louis laughed at me, "That's awesome." Louis pointed to the television smiling. Niall threw a potato chip at me, "You're such a girl." He teased.

I grabbed the chip that landed on my shirt and ate it, "You're such a ass."

"Isn't it past your bedtime." Niall snapped. I childishly stuck my tongue out at him before bending down to grab my phone of the floor. 

Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me off the couch, "I haven't seen you in sooo long." His words came out slurred.

A drunk Harry always made me laugh, "I've been sitting behind you this whole time," I squinted at Harry, "I thought you were taking a break from alcohol.."

Harry pouted, "Marley broke up with me." The boys and I exchanged knowing glances. Harry's relationships never lasted long.

I had to look at Harry twice to realize he was crying, "Harry Edward Styles, Why in the world are you crying?"

"Because," Harry wiped away some stray tears, "I got her name tattooed on my heart."

"How Cliché." I rolled my eyes before standing up.

Liam cut off the TV, "That's my cue to leave."

Niall and Zayn couldn't help but laugh at Harry who was looking around dumbfounded.

"I think I agree with Liam." I grabbed my purse heading for the door.

"Hey Wait," Zayn got off the couch and grabbed my arm before I could leave, "Want me to walk you home or something?"
I pointed to Harry, "I think he needs you."

"Probably," Zayn grabbed my waist pulling me closer to him, "Text me when you get home." Zayn kissed me before sitting back down on the couch. I couldn't help but smile before going outside.


I was almost home when I thought someone was following me.

First I heard their footsteps and I immediately went all 'Oh My God I'm going to die Mode'.  It took me almost a minute to grab me phone out of my pocket. I cut on my flashlight and held my phone up, "Who's there?" I yelled acting as if someone was actually going to answer me.

After convincing myself I was being paranoid I continued walking home.

A couple of minutes later I convinced myself that I wasn't in fact being paranoid after hearing footsteps again. I turned around again before realizing that the footsteps were coming from the other side of the street.

Then I realized it was Justin.

I sighed loudly, "You scared the hell out of me." Justin walked across the street never breaking eye contact with me.

I glared at Justin rolling my eyes, "What do you want?"

Justin ignored my question, "You look different." He stared at my outfit making me uncomfortable.

"I don't have to dress up for my friends," I shrugged my shoulders, "Or my Boyfriend." Justin 's eye twitched when I said boyfriend which made me feel happy and sad all at the same time.

"You don't have to dress up for me either." Justin Smirked.

"Ha!" I forced a laugh, "I've got better people to dress up for."

Justin smiled bigger, "Like me?"

"Why can't you accept that I want nothing to do with your sorry ass." I sighed this time frustrated.

"Well you can't avoid my sorry ass for long," Justin turned around beginning to walk away, "Christmas is at my house this year."

"What the hell are you talking about?" I asked confused.

"OOPS," Justin stated sarcastically, "I guess Evan didn't tell you yet. Or were you too busy making out with your 'boy toy' to realize that your parents aren't coming home for Christmas."

I watched Justin walk away before realizing that even though I wanted nothing to do with him he was still making plans for us to be together.


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