1. transformation (tomboy to girly)

Piper is the ultimate tomboy. her best friend ana on the other hand is the ultimate girly girl. not to mention head of the volleyball and cheer team. Piper's crushing on head of the football team. which is weird for her because she's never been like this for a guy. ana supposedly "helps" Piper by getting her a spot on the cheer team because football players always go with cheerleaders. right?

A justin bieber and one direction fanfic.


17. All Games Aside *Christmas Special 1*



**3 weeks later**

"You are not wearing that to school." Evan pointed to my shorts in disbelief, "It's forty-five degrees outside. Were you planning on getting Pneumonia this Christmas."

I looked at the frost on the windows, "Fort Five?" I went back upstairs and changed in too something a little bit more suitable for the winter. I out on bright red lipstick and walked back downstairs and grabbed a breakfast bar.

I finished my breakfast quickly before heading to the bus stop. It surprised me that Zayn was there already. I laughed at his Christmas sweater, "That is absolutely hideous."

He frowned at me, "And itchy." He grumbled.

"Would a kiss make it better?" I teased still laughing.

Zayn played along to my little game easily, "A kiss might make it better." I laughed before leaning in too kiss him. Zayn pulled away from me making me frown, "Something Wrong?" I asked.

"Look I know were faking and stuff just to make Justin jealous but," He paused a minute before continuing, "All games aside do really want to go out with me? Like for real."

I felt my face heat up, "I'd love to go out with you." I wrapped my arms around his neck and  continued our kiss.

"Is there any minute of the day where you two aren't kissing?" Justin grumbled walking up beside us.

Zayn smiled cheekily, "Merry Christmas to you too."

Justin glared at Zayn, "I hate Christmas." He mumbled loud enough for us hear.

"I thought you loved Christmas." I replied remembering how we spent Christmas Eve together as kids.

"Things Changed." He said angrily before getting on the bus.





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