Daddys Little Girl

Hi, I'm Evie Sugar and I'm the most popular girl in my school. I'm sporty, pretty, clever, rich and well, I'm a daddy's girl. I've always been daddy's little princess, he does care for me since my mum died in a car crash when I was six. My two best friends Paris and Kayla have comforted me though.

*Short Story*


6. Out With The Girls

When I got upstairs, the girls were out from their hiding places and sitting on my bed. They looked at me, not knowing what to say. I had a huge lump in my throat, and my phone started beeping like crazy. I had to ignore it, so I could to clear my head.

"Eves, I'm so sorry." Paris apologised, I shook my head and I sat in between the two of them.

"You shouldn't be, if he gave me an explanation, then I wouldn't if had to say that." It was the pure truth of what I was thinking. I needed to see Austin, to apologise to him. If my dad wouldn't say it, then I would have to.

"How do you fancy going to that restaurant, that I met Austin at?" He told me that he had a shift there in a couple minutes." I asked the girls, they nodded, thinking it was wrong to get me mad again, they made the right decision. They both were there when I lost my mum, but I don't really think they want me to lose my dad. For my sake and for theirs.

At the restaurant we got seated after a ten minute, it appears that Mondays are very busy at this place. I saw Austin heading towards us, looking slightly guilty. I ran towards him, leaving the girls sipping their diet cokes, talking about Americas Next Top Model.

"Austin, what's wrong?" I got to him and he wouldn't look me in the eye. I got in front of him and blocked him from going anywhere else. Yet he was still looking elsewhere, why was he being like this?

"Austin, look at me." I demanded, I grabbed his face in my hand and turned it to face me.

"Now, tell me what's wrong." I insisted and he tried to walk away from me. I looked at the girls for some advice. Paris looked at Kayla, it was like they were telepathic to each other. They both know what each others thinking, it's incredible!

"Waiter! Over here please!" Kayla yelled and Austin pointed towards them and meandered towards them.

"Hello girls, what would you like?" The girls both raised their menus and looked around it for a few seconds. It was silent until Paris spoke out,

"I would like, a... tell Evie what's wrong with a side of apologises, oh and can I have ketchup with that?" Austin rolled his eyes and walked away. I couldn't help giving the girls a high five for their excellent work. Austin walked behind the bar and grabbed a bottle of ketchup. I followed his movements very closely as he walked over to us.

"We have ran out of tell Evie what's wrongs and apologises, but here, have some ketchup." Austin smirked as he slammed the bottle on the table and walked away. I shook my head, how mean was that?! I sprinted after him and I saw his friends accompany the girls at our table. For the split second I was looking away from Austin, he disappeared. I looked near the bar,

"Um, have you seen Austin?" I asked the bar maid, she placed a glass in a shelf above her and then pointed to the door to her left. I thanked her and sprinted towards the door. I took a quick glance at the girls, to make sure they weren't looking at me and then I opened the door, to reveal a dimly lit room in which were eight doors, leading to God knows where.

"I feel like I'm in Alice in Wonderland." I whispered to myself and I shut the door behind me. I felt my eyes adjust and I grabbed the first door handle to my left, no use. I went round the whole room and still no luck. I even tried the door that I came out of, but it all looked the same. I couldn't tell where I was. Until I was at the, what I thought, the sixth door and it burst open. I hid behind the door and a boy came out with his arm wrapped round a girl. The mere light hurt my eyes,

"Won't your girlfriend be mad when she finds out?" The squeaky voiced teenage girl asked the boy.

"Nah, she won't find out, she's as dumb as a brick, she thinks she's all popular." The boy, who's voice I found familiar spoke up. They opened the door, leading to the end of the bar, where I came into this creepy room. I took my chances and snuck out behind them. They kissed passionately before they went their separate ways. The girl walked out the door and went up the escalator. The dude walked towards the girls and they looked mad. He probably interrupted a very important conversation with Austin's friends. I still hid behind the edge of the bar and watched. By the looks of it, the bloke made the other boys come with him. I was not going to take my eyes off this geezer, I don't know why, but I didn't trust him. I soon found out why. He turned out to reveal his face...

I have wrote this very awesome chapter of this book, to make up for all those weeks of not writing. To all the people that have favourited this book, your very lucky, because you have a chance to see this as soon as I hit publish. Keep reading to find out who that weird bloke was!

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