Just some poems.


1. Our Final Resting Place (war poem)

The deafening sound of shells, echo's in the dead air

Scorched trees lie dyeing on the floor

Innocent blood stains the grass red

Hundreds of deaths shoot through the sky

The stench of death fills the air we breath

Corpses are littered on the floor

Their face twisted in their final cry of agony


The sun dawns upon us

burns our icy skin and blinds our weak eyes

Thousands of lives wilt around us

In this maze of the dead

Men our chocking on their sorrow

Such brave faces glisten with tears

We smile grimly at each other as we're ordered to our deaths


Cannons thunder quakes the sky

Mud clings to our scratchy clothes and follows us into battle

No man's land stretches out before us,

Our final resting place


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