pull through

A women who's a vet. Her daughter who dreams on becoming a dancer. And him he's just a elementary school coach. Will there love survive?? Will they go their separate ways?? Will they pull through??


19. Swimming.

Right now I'm in the car with my mommy and Justin. We are going to his house to swim. He says he has a pool. He might just live in apartment and have a pool in the neighborhood.

As we pull in the drive way you would never believe what I see. The house was brick and the bricks was polished. The door was a nice coral/red color on the door. At the very top of the house he has a circular window kinda like a attic.than it had a circle drive way. And the whole place was gated and the pass word was 20051. My mom wasn't amazed since she grew up in this house but to me I was like... Wow.. He opened the door for me than mommy.

Kaelee POV

As we go inside there was a elevators, 7 rooms,10 Bathrooms, 2 stories, library,game room, 2 living rooms , stairs, pool , dining room, and kitchen.

"Nice mansion" I tell him.

"Thanks." He say.

"Are you rich" jaycee ask.

"Jaycee, don't ask people that" I tell her.

"She's fine. Yes you can say that but basically my family is rich" he says.

"Yeah I grew up in a mansion. It has it good times and bad." I tell him.

"Yeah" he says.

"Can we swim now" jaycee says.

"Yeah let me go change first." Justin says.

"Ok" I say.

We go outside and outside and put our towels on the chairs and then put sun screen on. I start tanning.

"Why do people do that" jaycee asked.

"For they won't be so pale. Your skin gets darker like Carmel." I say

"So I can do it to." Jaycee asked


She lays down. About 5 mins later just comes.

"Don't you want to swim." Justin say

" yes finally" jaycee says getting up and diving in.

"Come onnnnn" Justin says pulling my my arm like a kid.

"Noooo I don't wanna go." I say whining like a little baby.

" than we will have to do this the hard way" he says

Next thing you know I'm under water. I stand.

"Hey I was tanning" I say while pouting.

"You'll be fine." Justin says.

"Ok well where's jaycee??" I ask

"I'm down here!!" She yells from 6ft.

"She's a really good swimmer if she can swim down there." Justin says.

"Yeah." I say while swimming down there.

"Jaycee don't go down here while no ones watching" I say

" ok" she says..

She throws it and we all go find it.

After playing five round we play another game where Justin will ask jaycee what 5+5 is or something like that. If she get it wrong he kinda of hold her while dunking her in the water if she gets wrong 5 times when he dunks her she has to do a back flip.

After playing that game we get out.

"who want to take a shower first" Justin ask while we go up stairs .

"You can" I tell him.

"No let jaycee." He says.

"Ok" I run the water and put her in there. I go out to see Justin laying down on the bed with his towel under him though watching tv. I sit down but I feel him staring at me.

"What are you looking at" I ask.

"You" he say.

I blush. He comes up and start kissing me and then going down to my neck but that stopping since I hear jaycee calling me. Justin sigh and lay down. I got her out and put on her extra clothes.

We walk out and jaycee asks if she can get on my phone and I give it to her. But Justin wasn't in the room. I went and found him in a room. It had pink walls and there was a picture of a ballerina.like this room was for a little girl. I clear my throat. He quickly turns around.

"Is jaycee with you cause I don't want her to see it yet" he says.

I smile

"Is this for her" I ask

"Yeah since your going to be over here a lot I made her a room." He says

"It's beautiful" i say

There was a bed with a pink curtain over it. And their was a flat screen tv with a bathroom in there which was decorated too.. There was a walk in closet full of clothes and a empty dresser.

"I'm hoping it was" he says.

"Well it is. Thank you so much Justin" I say

" I know I'm the best. " he says popping his imagination collar.

I laugh "Yeah right" I say. He chuckles.

"Let's go get ready for dinner" he says

"Fine" I say.

We walk out to see jaycee sitting on my phone.

"Do you want to take a shower first I'm going to take a while" I say.

"Fine ok" he says giving in. He gets his stuff and go in the bath room.

You sit there staring in space thinking about how wonderful Justin is.

"Hello hello. Earth to mommy." Jaycee says snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Yes" I ask.

"Your phone" seeing that it was ring I picked up and go in the hall.

"Hello" I say

"Hey Kaelee it's Cameron I just needed to call you to remind you about court." He says I know he has a evil smirk on his face.

"Ok are you done" I ask

"It's your fault for getting a boyfriend and letting him hang around her" he says

" he would never touch jaycee. He is better with her then you will ever be" I say

"Well we will find out how you like it when I have full custody" he says

"You make me sick. I hate that I even was with you." I say hanging up in his face. Going outside for fresh air.

Justin POV

I get out the shower and get dresss walking out thinking I will see my beautiful girlfriend but instead I don't.

"Where's Kaelee" I ask jaycee who was watching tv.

"I don't know she was talking on the phone." She says.

I go in the hallway and look than turn the hall and see her talking on the phone.

"You make me sick. I hate that I was even with you" she says hanging up and going outside.

Obviously she' was talking to Cameron. If I could I would beat him lifeless but since I didn't want jaycee to think of me bad I won't.

I follow her.

"Finally I found you." I say like I never heard her talking on the phone.

"I'll go take my shower now" she says kinda upset.

"What's wrong." I ask

"Nothing" she says lying.

"I know something is wrong, tell me" I say

"I'll tell you later" she says

"Okay" I say

A/N I was going to make that longer but it was just that I was tired. But can you please comment a restaurant for them to eat at. Well thanks byeeee.

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