pull through

A women who's a vet. Her daughter who dreams on becoming a dancer. And him he's just a elementary school coach. Will there love survive?? Will they go their separate ways?? Will they pull through??


15. Short chapter

I woke up to someone knocking on the door.

"Mommy Ms Harmony is here"

I looked and see Justin still sleep. Awwwe I thought.

I got up and went to open the door.

"MS HARMONY" jaycee said

"JAYCEE" she said back.

"Shhh" I said to both of them.

"Oh,I forgot my mommy's boyfriend is in there"

"Oh is he cute" she said asking me.


"Okay is it alright if we go shopping and than go to chic fil a, and come back home and get her in bed" harmony asked

"Yes I hope y'all have fun bye"

I closed the door and went to see what time it is 5:00.

I need to wake Justin up.

"Justin" I said shaking him.




I than got my horn and turned my alarm on. He jumped up.

I laughed.

"What the-

"It's 5:00."

"Okay I will pick u up at 7:00" he gave me a kiss on the lips softly but long. And left.

I went to the shower and turned it on hot. I got in and let the warm water hit my body.

I thought about how my life got so much happier since Justin came. If he didn't even come I would be depressed right now.Jaycee makes me happy but she is a little girl, I felt like my life wasn't complete.

But now since her dad is trying to get her I'm so freaking scared, it's crazy. My life is just so messed up now but than I couldn't be more more happy. I washed my body with my cotton candy body wash . I than washed my hair with my lemon shampoo and conditioner. After that I got out and combed out my hair than I slipped on my bra and panties. I grabbed my waver and waved my hair.

After i was done I changed into a black strap less dress with gold necklace,braclet,rings,and earrings. I heard the door open than close. It was justin.

I looked In the mirror and walked down stairs to see Justin with a bouquet of red roses.

"You look beautiful." He said handing me the roses.

"Thanks you look handsome"I said while talking the flowers.

"Ready to leave?"

"Let me put the flowers up."

I went to put the water in in the vase than the flowers.

We left for the date!!!!!

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