pull through

A women who's a vet. Her daughter who dreams on becoming a dancer. And him he's just a elementary school coach. Will there love survive?? Will they go their separate ways?? Will they pull through??


17. school

I woke up to my alarm. Ugh. Why do I have to go to work. I woke up and went to the bathroom. I took a long shower. When I got out I put on my panties and bras. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. Than I did my makeup. I went to my closet and picked out this outfit.


I went down stairs and started making pancakes,eggs,and bacon.

Once done I went upstairs and woke up jaycee.

"Sweetie, wake up breakfast ready"

It took a while but I got her up. We went and ate.

"This is so good" jaycee said


"How was your date??" She asked

I smiled



When we were done she ran and got dressed I cleaned everything. I packed her book and dance bags.

Jayce came down wearing this


It was pretty adorable.

"Okay you ready" I asked her

"Yes mam" she said

We both got everything we need. And got in the car.

It was quiet but not awkward.…

Once we were there, we walked inside.

"Hey you go to your class and I have to go see something" I said

"More like someone" she said

I laughed. We both started walking our separated ways. When I reached the gym... I saw two boys setting up a obstacle course.

"Euscue me" I said very nicly

"What you need."one said

"Umm where is Justin??" I asked

"I would tell but you have to give me Chaz you're number". Chaz said.

"You and your dorky friend needs to move along" I say

"My name is Ryan" he says

"I don't care what your name is, I came to see Justin" I say

"Look Justin doesn't know you, if he did he would say something" Chaz say

"Besides he has a girlfriend" Ryan says.

"I am that girlfriend, now I'll give you two minutes to bring Justin or I'll rip y'all head off and feed y'all to the kindergarten."I say mad now.

You should of saw the look on their face. They were terrified. I just laughed. Justin finally came.

"Umm Justin"


"Your friends are complete airheads."I say

"Duhhh I could've told you that" Justin said while giving me a long passionate kiss. I pulled out.

"I have to get to work" I say

"But you just got here"

"I know but you're friends took up the time" i said.

" okay bye" he said giving me a sad peck.

"Don't be sad, when you get off of work you can come over" I say.

"I guess have a good day btw don't you think guys will look at you in those tights" Justin says

"You don't like them" I say acting sad.

"No I like them" he says grabbing my butt.

"Stop this is a school"

" okay okay"



I turned around and walked away but than I felt eyes on me. I shaked my butt a little. I heard Justin moan. I smirked.

Justin POV

When she left I went to find the guys. I found them in our little office.

"So what are we playing today" Chaz asked

"I was thinking maybe we did dodge ball for 2nd grade and up. And kindergarten do the obstacle course." I say

"But that's a lot of work" Ryan said

"Too bad"

"So first up is kindergarten"

We went out and started fixing the obstacle course. We test out all of the jumping inflatables. It took awhile but we are done.

The kindergarten just came in and I got in my place since we all have a duty. Me inside making sure no one getting hurt. Ryan telling them when to go in. And Chaz helping them getting out.

They started coming and I saw jazzy.

"BIEBER" she yelled.

" hey jazzy"

"Why are you in here"

"because I'm making sure no one is getting hurt." I say

"Okay bye , see you next time" she says

A couple minutes I see a girl with blonde hair. That's Jaycee.

"Jaycee" I say

"Hey Justin what are you doing here."

"I work here" I say as it is the most obvious.

"Oh I didn't know." We talked some more but her friends were waiting.

It was going smoothly until one girl got hurt and every one started stepping on each other.

"STOP" I say

I made all the go one at a time. I know they want to go with their friends but they get to pushy. Once they were done 1st grade came and we did the same thing.

Once done we had a mini break.

"Ugh these children get on my nerves!!" Ryan said

"There just children, you can't expect them to be good" I said aggravated.

"I agree with Justin" Chaz said

"You can't expect them to be good" He Finished

Ryan turned away and went some where. I'm done with him.

All he do is seat around hitting in girls. He isn't even mature his self. OMG I think I'm turning into a girl. Ewww

It's was just a matter of time until 2nd grader came. We had just set up the dodge ball game. They started playing but some kids got hit and either pouted,cried, or laughed. Kids these days. But when boys against girls came they were serious.

We have one girl coach her name is Mandi. She's my ex. She is always trying to get me back. But I'm just like HECK NO. She cheated on me but I really can't care now. Everything happens for a reason Right?? Right now she is trying to get the boys out but she gave up and came straight to me.

"Hey justy I saw you staring at me" she said

"And why would I do that." I said getting up and going into our "office"

"Because you love me that's why babe" she said following me.

"No I don't because I have a girl friend" I said looking at her.

"Well you don't know what you are missing" she says as she walk away

I just sit down and close my eyes.


I have worked with the cutest dogs today but now it's my lunch break.

"Hey Kaelee would you like to go to chipotle." My friend Lainey said

"Sure" I say

We got in the car and drove away.

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