pull through

A women who's a vet. Her daughter who dreams on becoming a dancer. And him he's just a elementary school coach. Will there love survive?? Will they go their separate ways?? Will they pull through??



kaelee POV

I woke up to someone jumping on the bed. I look up and see jaycee. "Good Morning baby" I said. she smiled at me and said "hey mommy" . "You hungry" I said. "YEAH". "go get dressed and we will go to IHOP". She left the room and I got dressed. I wore some high waisted shorts and a croptop short that can show my pierced belly button. once I was done  I did my hair and make up.than I went to see jaycee     watching tv. I put her hair in a side braid and put a pink bow. she was wearing a pink tank top with pink shorts.I got my purse and put on jaycee's shoes than mine. We  got in the car and put jaycee in there.



A/N okay I hope you like it I'm trying to get this in and than before the NEXT chapter. please go read     my baby jake foushee  by my friend.her name is chacha_foushee so that's all byeeeee oh by the way jaycee is 4 and kaelee is 20

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