pull through

A women who's a vet. Her daughter who dreams on becoming a dancer. And him he's just a elementary school coach. Will there love survive?? Will they go their separate ways?? Will they pull through??


18. I told you she hates us

Kaelee POV

We pulled up to chipotle. I walked in and ordered. After that we took a seat.

"How have you been" she ask me.

"I've been ok, It's just Cameron keeps saying he's going to take her away." I say

"Oh that's horrible, why would he even do that" she ask.

"Well the other day I met this boy, and now he's my boyfriend. Well he spent the night but when I woke up he wasn't there neither jaycee. Found out that they went to get break fast and Cameron saw." I explain.

"Ohhh Kaelee got a boyfriend" she says in a dramatic voice.

I blush. "It isn't that serious" I say while trying not to smile.

"Sure it isn't" Lainey says rolling her eyes.

"Well anyway how is Miranda?" I ask.

That's her daughter. She got divorced and the man beat her. Her life was hard but she always manage to keep a smile on her face.

"Stop changing the subject" she says

" I'm not" I say.

My he food came and we dug in. (P.s I don't know hot chipotle works never been there but want to)

Jaycee POV.

I listen to my teacher go on and on about adding. Did I mention my teacher is my aunt. I know what you're thinking. How are you in her class. I don't even know that answer but all the teachers know and love me. (I changed it she's in 1st grade)

"Jaycee are you listening " "Mrs Brown" says

" No" I said in a sarcastic voice.

"I will call your mom" she says turning back around. I just rolled my eyes,

"Paige pass this out" she says. As she pass them out me and Dylyyn didn't get one.

"Umm Mrs brown we didn't get one" I said pointing towards me and Dylyyn.

"Than go to the office and get a copy." She said giving us a page.

Dylyyn gets the page and I get the hall pass.Once we exit Dylyyn says.

"Paige threw away the extras. I told you she hates us." She saids rolling her eyes.

"I know and we hate her too." I say opening the office door.

I see the p.e coached sitting on the counter since they work in the office when they have nothing to do. I walk up to one of the office ladies.

"What do you need jaycee" she said in a sweet sound.

"2 copies of this paper" I said taking the paper from Dylyyn and giving it to her.

"Sure" she takes it and hands it to Justin.

He goes into the copy room and we follow.

Why aren't y'all working?" Dylyyn asks.

"Because we work in the office in the after noon." He says handing me the papers.

"Is that all you need?" He ask us. I shake my head than say bye and leave.

"Do you know Justin?" Dylyyn asked me.

"Yep he's my mommy's boyfriend" I say

"Ohh" she says.

We get to class and start our work.

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