pull through

A women who's a vet. Her daughter who dreams on becoming a dancer. And him he's just a elementary school coach. Will there love survive?? Will they go their separate ways?? Will they pull through??


13. Cameron

Kaelee POV

I woke up to see jaycee and Justin gone. I looked every where. I went in the kitchen and saw a note

Dear Kaelee,

Me and jayci were hungry and went out to get something. I will bring you something too. I hope I didn't upset you baby.

Love justin

I smiled he is adorable. I went to go on my computer. I'm a teacher if you didn't know. But for kindergarten. Because jaycee is in it but every year I'm going to try and move up lol.

A few moments later I heard keys and people laughing. How did he get a key??

"Hey mommy" jaycee said

"Hey jaycee"

"Here's your food, I hope you didn't mind us going."Justin said

"Its fine"

Jaycee ate at the table while we ate on the couch. We started watching tv.

Btw for a living Just actual is a high school teacher.(he's 25).

"So I was wondering if you would like to go on a date tonight" Justin said

"I would love too"

"Do you have someone to keep jaycee."

"Yea she actual has to go to dance tonight,so her dance teacher likes to keep her"

Right when I said that , you would not believe who I got a text from!!!


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