Michael Clifford's seceret sister

Molli and Michael are real close her family is a mess. Her parents divorced and Michaels dad took Michael and Molli's mum took her. They were to never talk again but they did. They are family but what happens when there's been no communication for 6 years between the Clifford siblings and then Molli turns up at Michael's door after things turning sour at home and makes Mr Luke Hemmings fall for her. How will Michael react? What will it be like for Molli? How will the rest of the bad react? What will their parents think when they see Michael and Molli on the news together?

you will finally see how a like Molli and Michael actually are.

Read this to find out


1. 10 years Earlier



Molli's P.O.V.


" Michael!!! get out of my room you smell like sour cheese!!"  she screamed as her twin brother Michael came rushing into her room. she stood up and started shewing him out of her room. " but..but Molli.. i thought you loved me. Now you don't love me. oh no!" He ran as fast as he could out of his sisters room and hid in his favorite hiding place that only Molli knew he knew if she loved him she'd come find him.


Molli stayed in her room for a little while then she heard her parents fighting she knew Michael would be scared so she went into his room, then she crawled into his hiding space and sat with him she rested her head on him and he wrapped his arms around her she spoke softly to him, " Michael? Mom and Dad are fighting again, i'm scared what if something bad happens and we get taken away from each other?" Michael sighed slightly and rubbed her arms in reassurance " if that happens then we make a promise right now. We won't give up on each other we will find ways to see each other and talk to each other. promise me Molli. promise you wont give up on me." she smiled and looked up at him " i promise you Michael i won't give up on you as long as you promise you wont give up on me." Michael chuckled a little " I promise you Molli, will you stay in my room tonight? they can't part us if we're together and then you're helping me keep the promise." Molli nodded then their parents shouted them and they didn't want to go down stairs.

" Molli... Michael... We need to speak to you." Their parents didn't sound happy, Molli and Michael crawled from the hiding place and held each others hand walking down the stairs where their parents looked up at them their mother sighed and looked at their father " look at them. They want to be together they don't want to be split just let them be together and we can share them!" Their father shook his head " Kids i'm sorry to say this but me and your mother are splitting up and i have decided that i want to keep Michael and your mom wants to keep Molli which means you guys are being separated so tonight will be the last time you guys see each other for a while." Molli and Michael looked at each other and sighed hugging each other and whispering in each others ear " a promise is a promise no breaking it."


// For 6 years Molli and Michael e-mailed and text each other for 6 years and that brought them to the age of 14 when they eventually lost contact for 4 years the never spoke until now.//

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