30 Days with Luke Hemmings

They met;
They were the best of friends;
They fell in love;
And they're never going to see each other again.


4. Day Three

Celeste sat there in the coffee shop, hoping for Luke's arrival so she could return his jacket because they both forgot to exchange numbers.

Just when she was about to give up and go home, there he was walking in, again in his all black attire.

"I thought I'd find you here." He smiled.

"Right, sorry. I forgot to give you my phone number. Here's your jacket." She said, putting the jacket that was once on her lap and now on the table.

"No, I didn't come for my jacket, well maybe I could have it back later. But, I came for you." He smiled widely.

"Oh, well, here I am!" She said.

"I see. But, don't you have school or something?" He asked raising a brow.

"I graduated early, I'm seventeen now. How about you?" She asked.

"Dropped out." He smirked.


That day, the two of them talked more and more as if the previous two days never existed.

Before Luke left, Celeste gave him his jacket and he walked out. But he forgot one thing.

"Shit." He mumbled.

He turned around and ran back to the ice cream shop, hoping that Celeste would still be there.

And there she was, standing at the same position he was before he left.

"I knew you'd come back." She gave him a soft smile. "Here." She took out a small piece of paper and handed it over to him.

Luke took it and smiled, "How'd you know?" He asked. "It was predictable."

That was the day that Celeste Anderson gave Luke Hemmings her number.

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