Hell's Calling

Eric, Lucy and Michael are the triplet heirs to the underworld. Their uncle is Lucifer himself. Their father murdered their mother and if that didn't make life difficult enough they've been banished - to Earth. Now they have to blend in with humans and try to dodge the assassins sent to kill them and the people they love most.


1. Underworld Life.

“Goddamn you, Eric, where is it?!” Lucy screeched, her black as night hair flying about her in an invisible wind.

     “How many times do I have to tell you? I don’t have it!” He clenched his fists and tried valiantly to keep his temper in check.

     “Liar! You’re always pulling stunts like this, but you’ve gone too far. Way too far!” She lunged forwards, sinking her nails into the flesh of his arms. “Give it back! NOW!” Her final screech set the walls shaking.

     “Jeez, Luce, calm down.” I said, reclined in my chair. Summoning some popcorn for effect, I raised one of my eyebrows lazily. “I thought you said you didn’t even care about Mr Fluffypants anymore. Something about being too old for stuffed animals?” I threw a piece of popcorn in the air and caught it in my mouth, emphasising the crunch as I bit down.

     In a move that was pure horror movie, Lucy turned to face me. I managed to keep my well-practised smirk in place despite the possessed child of Satan one she had going for her as she slowly stalked towards me, beads of blood dripping from her long, black nails. “Where is he?” She asked, her voice at danger levels of soft menace.

     “Didn’t you also say something about not caring if he was stuffed in a potato cannon and shot into the heart of hell?” I asked, stuffing more popcorn in my face. Not because I liked it, but because it really pissed her off.

     She let out another shriek and vanished into thin air, leaving a faint tang of strawberries behind.

     “You didn’t really stuff her favourite teddy bear into potato cannon and shoot it into Uncle Luke’s garden did you?” Eric asked wearily.

     “No, but it won’t hurt her to slog through the forest he has there.” I got out of the recliner and disappeared the popcorn. Stalking into Lucy’s domain, I summoned her precious Mr. Fluffypants and laid him gently down in his place of honour.

     Eric rolled his eyes and flopped down on his bed, a cloud of dust puffing up at the now-unusual action. “You could at least take credit for your own pranks before she starts ripping into me. Literally.” He winced and rubbed at the completely healed puncture marks on his arms.

     “It’s just so cute watching her shriek like that.” I replied, leaning against Lucy’s bed. Scanning around the room, I tried not to feel a sense of loss for not being there more often. Of the three of us, Lucy had held onto our childhood the most fiercely. Growing up we had shared everything, part of being triplets. Eric was the youngest, and occasionally could even see his way to acting like it. Lucy was the middle child, but as the only girl, she had always been a bit of a princess. I was the oldest and contrary to what the others might claim, I have never held it over their stupid heads.

     Over the past few decades we had started to grow further apart. It wasn’t anything in particular, we were just growing up. Eric had been the first to move into his own place, and even though it was just down the road, it was still a big change. I had followed, and the distance had given me a sense of freedom that I had never felt before. No matter what might happen, the knowledge that I could be on my own and have my own things was now etched in my brain. I could never go back to living on top of my siblings. Lucy still hadn’t taken that step and moved out of our parent’s house. She would get there eventually, but for now she seemed to be at a loss and going down a worrying path to find answers. She was spending way too much time with the Fey, and those bastards could be cruel in ways that made even demons shudder.

     “So why did you do it?” Eric asked, that same world-weary tone to his voice.

     “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I replied staring at a hole in the wall that hadn’t been there the last time I had checked.

     “Do I look stupid, Michael?” Eric replied. “You only pull crap like this when you’re worried about her.”

     I stalked over to the wall and crouched down next to it. Too high for a foot to have gone through it and too low for a fist.

     “The bucket full of slime when she was seeing that imp, the fake blood when she was trying to tame that nightmare, the itching powder when she was thinking about becoming pregnant… Should I keep going?”

     “Your paranoia is almost cute, keep it up.” I replied, sticking my hand into the gap. Nothing moved or bit me, so I was fairly sure it was just a benign hole and nothing to be majorly concerned about. Still, I patched it up anyway. Lucy was the only female heir to the Shadow realm and any breach in security was a risk to her safety.

     “What I never got was why it seemed to work. Anyone else and it would have made things worse, but she seemed to get it.” Eric sighed and levered himself upright. “I could never get through to her, but you? How do you do it?”

     I sat back on my heels and sighed. “You ever think that sometimes she just needs to know that she’s not alone and we are still the same pains in her ass that she grew up with? Why don’t you just dunk her in the lake every now and again? Maybe you’ll ‘get through to her’ too.”

     “You think that’s really all this is? Her feeling alone?” He seemed to consider it. “No, that can’t be it.”

     “And this is why I never want to watch movies with you. You overthink everything. Sometimes an apple is just a goddamn apple.”

     “And sometimes it is the representation of all evil in the world.” Eric replied, “Maybe you under-think things.”

     “Whatever, I’m out of here before she gets back, you?” I dusted myself off and flipped off my old bed.

     “I might just stay here for a while.” He summoned what looked like my discarded bowl of popcorn and went back to watching the ceiling. Lines of concentration crossed his forehead and his blood-red hair fanned around him like an aura. Shaking my head, I tried to ignore my own bone-white locks as they flowed around me. Irritated for some reason, I flipped him off too and flashed out of there.


“Son.” My father said, not bothering to wait for the momentary disorientation of flashing to wear off.

     “Dad.” I replied when I could remember how to speak. “You need another affair covered up, go see someone else. I’m sure there is an imp or something you could bribe.”

     “Mikey, don’t be like that.” He said, not even bothering to inject fake affection into the words like he might have a century ago.

     “What is it?” I demanded.

     “You and your siblings are going to school.”

     My brain froze for a moment, the only thought flashing across it was something to the effect of “huh?”

     “School?” I finally managed to ask.

     “In the Human realm.” He said, examining his nails. “You leave tomorrow morning.”

     “You are actually aware that we are a) not human and b) grown-ass adults, right?” I crossed my arms over my chest and wondered how hard it would be to physically wrestle him out of my house.

     “Yes because your sister really is the epitome of maturity and sound decision making.” He drawled. “In any case it was not my decision. I am merely the messenger.”

     “Well, message delivered, there’s the door.” I gestured to the entrance for effect, knowing full well he wasn’t going to leave just yet.

     “I’m not sure what your uncle sees in you, and personally I was disappointed in your mother when she chose not to drown you at birth. She showed a surprising lack of strength.”

     Here we go. It was the fifth time he had started this speech. It had lost its effect after the second recital, but he still seemed to hold out for my anger. It wasn’t a secret the son of a bitch had killed his wife – my mother – because she had an attack of conscience and refused to kill us at birth. He really wasn’t one for exaggeration, it would take up too much mental capacity, he might forget to breathe. Wouldn’t that be a shame?

     “Yes, you were so disappointed that you drove an aluminium stake through her chest. Aluminium because she was an unusual Fey hybrid and that was the only thing that was going to cause her massive amounts of agony before she died.” I recited. “Can we skip to the part where you threatened to have me, Eric and Lucy offed because we’re Luke’s favourites?”

     He wrinkled his nose at me in distaste. “Just don’t be surprised if you run into some unforeseen problems in the Human realm. There is a reason the realms have been separated after all.”

     I rolled my eyes and exerted a little power, increasing the air density in front of him and moving the pressure towards him. He could either get the hint and get the fuck out, or he could suffocate, his choice.

     He growled low in his throat and snapped out of existence, leaving me all alone for the first time in nearly twenty-four hours. I slumped back into one of my lounge room chairs and closed my eyes, wishing that I could just flash onto a tropical island somewhere and never return. It wasn’t that simple though, nothing ever was.

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