Back In Time [ON HOLD]

Nohea had a blast with her best friend Danyelle. They were the biggest One Direction fans you would ever meet. They had posters, clothes, accessories, even weird cardboard cut outs of the famous band. But what happens when one simple wish turns out to be a big mistake? What happens when she accidentally wished something that would cause One Direction to not exist? What if one little thought made things different. Changed fate, and went Back In Time.

So yeah. I'm making a new one. The last one was just. Weird. So I'm totally done with the last movella. This one is more. What's the word. Better


8. Chapter 8

Nohea's P.O.V

After dinner not even after a second I put my plate away Danyelle and Antonio pushed me upstairs in my room and locked us inside.

"So?!" Dani said impatiently with her hands on her hips waiting for me to speak.

I had told them that I would explain everything after dinner.

"Were waiting Nohea" Tony said standing in front of me.

"Okay Okay stop rushing me jeez" I said taking a seat on my bed. Dani took a seat next to me and Tony sat in front of me on the floor.

"So.. Ever since the day. You know. When all this happened. I've been having these... Dreams." I paused through my words thinking about how ridiculous I sounded.

"Go on" Dani said still rushing me.

"Well... I don't know how to explain it. This old lady just kept appearing in every one of my dreams. Telling me strange things."

"Old Lady?" Tony asked.

I nodded. "I don't think I know her but she does look fairly similar"

"What kind of strange things?" Tony asked me again.

"She talked to me about the boys.. "

"The boys? One Direction?!" Dani asked and I nodded again.

"How does she know about them. And.. In a dream. ?" I think Tony was talking to himself more than me.

"How does this relate to you screaming in the hallway exactly?" Dani said.

"It's creepy. I get the chills just thinking about it but... The old lady in my dreams.. She appeared in the doorway." I said.

"What?! Th-That's impossible!" Dani said.

"First in a dream and now she came in my house" I said to myself. I looked at Tony and he was frozen in front of me.

"You had to be hallucinating right? Dreams aren't real!" Dani said.

"I wouldn't scream if it wasn't real Dani" I told her kind of annoyed that she didn't believe me.

Just then we heard a knock on the door and all of our heads snapped in that direction.

"Wouldn't your parents be sleeping it's like 12:00 at night" Dani whispered to me. I shrugged and Tony took a seat on my bed.

"Antonio go unlock the the door your the man in this situation." I said and he glared at me.

"Don't even go there" he said and we all just say there our eyes glued on the door.

"Can someone open the door I know your awake" we heard my dad yell from the other side of the door and all of us gave out a huge sigh of relief.

Antonio walked towards the door and unlocked it. "Took you forever to unlock this door. Your room is not that big" my dad laughed.

"Aren't you supposed to be asleep by now dad?" Dani asked and my dad raised one eyebrow. "I was about to ask you KIDS the same thing" my dad crossed his arms and we all laughed.

"Goodnight" My dad told us all as I got into my bed and Dani and Tony got into there sleeping bags.

"Night dad" We all said in unison. Okay I know what your thinking. And no. We are not magically related. Dani and Tony just call my dad, dad because Danyelle's dad is well... Not really acting like a dad anymore and Antonio's dad died. Yes. Tragic stories for another day.

As 'our' dad turned off the light and closed the door. I enjoyed the silence.

This time of day is the best. It's when I can just relax and think about all the good and bad shit that's being going on in life. It's like my time. Of course when Danyelle is not here.

"I'm bored" Dani said and me and Tony sighed. "Then go to sleep" Tony said and Dani whined.

"How can you sleep when you are personally connected to One Direction ahhhh" Dani said and I can hear the fan girl I'm her voice.

I guess I'm not that tires so I pulled out my phone, lowered the brightness and checked Instagram. 2 New Comments.

"New Comment from @Louis91: You guys had a sleepover without us!"

"New comment from @harrystyles: haha looks too serious I don't think I can handle it"

"Oh my gosh guys louis and Harry commented in the picture!" I squealed and saw Dani and Tony check there phones.

"We should have a big sleepover one day. With everybody" Tony blurted out.

"And by everybody you mean.." Dani asked.

"Us obviously. One Direction. Eleanor. Sophia. And... Perrie..." Tony mumbled the last part.

"If she can clean up her act maybe I'll think about it" Dani said.

"One way or another were gonna have to make friends with her... And I mean have the sleepover here. If that's alright?" Tony looked at me.

"I'm sure we could all fit in the living room" Dani suggested

"One day guys" I said. I'm not even sure if my mum would let 5 boys into the house. But I mean it's not like well do anything. Maybe.. JUST KIDDING! Don't go there nohea. Good job now your talking to yourself. I jus- SHUT IT!

"I just had an awesome idea" Tony said interrupting.. My thoughts.

"What?" I asked. "Maybe we could have like uh.. I don't know. A girls and guys sleepover first before we have a group slumber party haha.." Tony said.

"That sounded less awkward in my head" Tony thought out loud. "That's a cool idea. Me and Nutella can have 'boy talk' with the girls" I couldn't see it but I knew Dani had a grin.

"And you could talk to them about the girls!" I said a little too loud.

We heard loud knocking in the door. "Go to sleep!" My mum yelled.

"We talk about this tomorrow" I whispered to them. I heard 2 silent 'okay's' before I drifted off to sleep.


Nohea's P.O.V (still)

I woke up to a very loud knocking on the door and I shot my eyes open.

"Get up guy and girls. Don't wanna be late to school!" My mum said as her usually cheerful self. I sat up and rubbed my eyes looking around the room. Antonio was still sleeping and Dani looked like she already got washed up.

"How do you get up so early" I yawned. I looked at the clock and it was 6:30. "It's not easy, trust me. I learned that the hard way" Dani laughed but I knew she was hurt by her own words.

"Should I have the honor of waking Tony up or should you?" Dani asked me grinning. "I'll do it. You look like a devil." I smiled. "Whatevs." She said walking out if the room.

I got off my bed and stretched. I walked over to where Tony is sleeping and poked him in the stomach. Now usually he's very ticklish, but for some reason when he's sleeping you can punch him and all he does is snore.

I shook him violently and he struggled to keep his eyes open while looking at me. "Get up or I'll poor hot water on you" I whispered and he groaned.

He got up sleepily and walked halfway out of the room before saying "Thank you for not letting Danyelle wake me up" Tony said before exiting the room and I laughed.

I took a bath the night before so I won't waste my time waiting for the bathroom. I got my brush and took out all of the tangles in my hair. It looked real hot today so I put my hair in a high ponytail. I slipped on a light- colored long-sleeve and some short shorts with black slippers. After I heard the bathroom door open I walked in and brushed my teeth.

After breakfast we all got into the car and my mum drove us to school. We said our goodbye's and went to our usual 'hangout' place by the outside dining center tables.

"And when shall we arrange this 'girl and boy sleepover'" I said making the quoting signs with my fingers.

"I'm hoping this weekend if you can make nice to Perrie" Tony said. "You are just too exited to have one direction in your house eh?" Dani said nudging Tony and he blushed.

"Also for the greater cause" Tony laughed.

"BOO!" Someone said in my ear behind me and shot daggers at my sides.

"HOLY FU- Harry! What the hell. Oww that hurt like shit" I said grabbing my aching sides. "Next time you do that you'll end up in the doctors office." Dani laughed. "You should have seen what she did to her dad" Tony joined in and I glared at them.

"Jeez Harry do you have to be so rough" I asked still holding my sides. "Very" Harry grinned at me and Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn laughed at his statement. "Oh sick" I said realizing why there laughing. I turned around to try and hide the blush that's creeping up on me. Oh my gosh Harry Styles just told me a sex joke.

"That was sexy" Dani whispered in my ear and I nodded.

I turned around feeling confident again. "Do you guys always hang out in a group" I asked. "Were like the badass new kids" Louis exclaimed dramatically and we all laughed.

"And how about you guys. You're always together" Niall asked. "We formed a threesome" Dani said in all seriousness and I nodded in agreement and the boys became silent. Tony looked like he was mentally murduring Dani. And I tried desperately not to laugh my ass off but failed miserably. Dani joined in laughing and we probably looked like complete weirdos.

"Their joking guys" Tony said shaking his head. Liam and Zayn sighed in relief but Harry, Louis, and Niall looked like they saw a ghost.

"Kidding. Kidding" Dani laughed waving a hand in their face. "I can't believe you guys believed that" I said through laughter. "Jerk" Harry mumbled. I stopped laughing and put my hand up to my ear. "What was that?" I asked sarcastically.

Then the bell rang and we all headed to homeroom.

"You know you scared the bloody shit out of me" Louis muttered loud enough for us to hear. "Talking again are we?" I laughed. "It wasn't that bad" Dani proclaimed.

"Well... We thought Tony was gay.." Louis mumbled and me and Danyelle stopped walking.

"Oh. Is he?" Louis asked us cautiously.

"Hold that thought" Dani said and grabbed my arm walking a few feet away from Louis.

"I never thought we'd have this conversation. At least not with Louis" She said.

"I though we'd be talking about this with Liam or something" I mumbled.

"I know right! Weird. Anyway."

"I don't think we should tell them until Tony feels comfortable" I said.

"What are we gonna say. I'll let Tony answer that?!"


"It would be obvious If we said that!" She whisper yelled at me.

I took a glance at Louis who was just standing there arms crossed looking our way. I quickly looked back at Dani. "I don't want to lie to him" I said.

"Louis or Antonio. It's not that big of a deal. We'll just tell him why we lied later. Louis would understand!"

"Ugh fine!" I gave up and walked back to Louis.

"No Tony is not gay" I said bluntly and started to walk to class again without them.

Louis caught up with me. "It took you that long just to tell me that" Louis said in disbelief.

"Don't test me Tomlinson" I said annoyed. I feel bad for talking to him that way but Dani ticked me off. Suddenly she was walking right next to me.

"You and Louis could be the most popular sass couple ever" she whispered in my ear and I glanced at Louis and continued to walk faster.


Antonio's P.O.V

My walk to homeroom with Liam and Zayn was silent as usual. Gosh! This is so awkward. Why cant Dani or Nutella be here.

I just kept walking until I found myself humming The song 'I Would' by One Direction and tapping on my leg to the beat.

"Your musical today" Liam laughed breaking the silence. "Yeah haha.." I mumbled. Come ON Tony make a damn conversation.

"Seems catchy. What's it called?" Liam asked and my whole body froze. I was so tense I couldn't move. "You okay?" Zayn asked which made me blush in my frozen tracks. Shit shit shit. "Shit"

"What?" Liam asked. "What. Oh um. The songs called 'I Would'.." WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME! MY GOD IM STUPID.

"Ohh. By who?" Liam asked. Fuck Liam your not making this any easier.

"I'm not exactly sure. I know it's a band though." I stuttered through my words. I walked pass them swiftly trying to calm myself down.

I walked into the classroom and took my seat in the middle section by the window. Liam sat next to me and Zayn sat in front of me.

"You guys haven't exactly said anything psychic about me so how bout it?" Liam asked me. Finally a question I can answer.

"You have a very unusual phobia of spoons" I smiled when Liam went all wide-eyes at me. "Ayee! Not too loud mate!" Liam whisper-yelled and I chuckled a bit.

"Does Sophia know?" Zayn asked him and he shook his head. "What girl likes a guy who has a phobia of spoons" Liam said bluntly. "Well one day Sophia Payne will make you a beautiful bowl of cereal and ask why your eating it with a fork" Zayn said and I laughed. Liam rolled his eyes and sat back at his chair.

Now or never right? I have to bring up the sleepover. It's already wenesday might as well be prepared. Who do I ask. Zayn or Liam? I still have trouble talking to Zayn but I want to start a conversation some time, but Liam is Daddy Directioner and he's easy to talk to. Why must choices be so difficult.

After all that I decided. "Liam, Zayn?" I said and they both looked at me. "Yeah?" Liam said. They were just staring at me wow way to put me on the spot.

"Well.. I decided we should like... Have a sleepover at my house and have a little talk" I said. "Tall about what" Zayn said in his adorable accent.

"I don't know. Guy talk" I shrugged and Liam and zayn looked at eachother. "You mean about girls?" Liam said and my heart felt like it skipped a beat. "Yeah.." I said looking down at me hands.

I heard Liam sigh. "When?" He asked and I shot my head up at him. "You mean you'd come?!" I asked like a girl, and Liam laughed. "I need a time and place" He said and I nodded vigorously.

"Can the other lads come?" Zayn spoke up and I nodded yes. "I guess I'll go too." Zayn said and I almost fainted right there. Zayn Malik would be at my house. Holy Crap.

"I'm going to be straight up" Liam said as I was writing my address down. Zayn looked at him intensely and shook his head slowly.

"Wha-" "That's rude" I heard there little talk and I froze again. Oh shit they know don't they?

"We all thought you were gay" Liam said and Zayn groaned loudly. I stayed there frozen in my seat. "I mean your not though right. Were having this sleepover to talk about girls" Liam forced a laugh. "Who is we all?" I asked quietly.

"Me, Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Niall" Liam said cautiously. I was now on the brink of tears but I had to be strong. I need to get my selfishness out of the way like Nohea did and be strong. I took a deep breath.

"Where'd you guys get that idea?" I asked them and smiled like it was nothing. "I don't know you just kind of seem. Girly?" Liam said more like a question. "Wow" Zayn said shaking his head. Liam mouthed 'What?' to Zayn.

"I'm not gay man." I said bluntly. They just nodded and I handed them a piece of paper.

"Don't jump to conclusions" I said softly but loud enough for them to hear. They mumbled a weak 'sorry' before leaning back into their seats.

I feel so bad for talking to them that way but it's what had to be done. I need to get them to like the right girls and that won't happen if I start liking them as well. I need to give up.

Like Nohea did.


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