Back In Time [ON HOLD]

Nohea had a blast with her best friend Danyelle. They were the biggest One Direction fans you would ever meet. They had posters, clothes, accessories, even weird cardboard cut outs of the famous band. But what happens when one simple wish turns out to be a big mistake? What happens when she accidentally wished something that would cause One Direction to not exist? What if one little thought made things different. Changed fate, and went Back In Time.

So yeah. I'm making a new one. The last one was just. Weird. So I'm totally done with the last movella. This one is more. What's the word. Better


3. Chapter 3

"L-louis....?" I said without thinking, and his eyes shot open with amazement.

"Hey that's so cool! How'd you know my name!" he smiled at me with that lady-killer smile.

What. The. Hell. Is. Happening.

I stood there in the same spot in front of louis for what seemed like hours until I heard Danyelle trying to get my attention by clearing her throat.

"This is a very akward situation." Danyelle said walking into the classroom. "I don't want to be a part of it, talk to me later okay Nutella" with that she left me and Louis alone.

"So ummmm.." Louis said and I looked at him again snapping back into reality.

"Uh y-yeah what d-do you need?" I asked trying to keep as calm as I possibly can.

"I'm new around here and I'm trying to find this class. Can you help me?" He said handing me his schedule. God he was so beautiful. But how could this be? why is he in the USA? why is he so young? My age?! But I won't complain he looks sooo adorable.

"Sure.. sure" I stuttered taking the schedule from his hand.

I looked at his whole schedule to see where he will be around school so I could see him everyday like the stalker I am.

"You have your first class with me... I can help you find all your other classes too if you like?" I asked. This is a take it or leave it situation. I am so taking the chance to be as close to louis as possible.

"Yeah thanks" he smiled. Oh that smile was so worth a million dollars.

"Your first class is Science. It's not a hard class our teacher just makes us take notes. Study it. And gives us tests. So yeah follow me" I said walking to the classroom.

"Ohhh tests.. Horror in one word" louis said sighing dramatically. I laughed at his attempt to be serious. I love his humor so much.

Once we entered the classroom I walked to Danyelle and Louis went over to Mr. Cunningham. I felt so lonely once he left.

"What's with you" Danyelle said eyeing me down. "Ahh nothing" I sighed still staring at Louis. He glanced back at me and smiled which caused my face to heat up.

"'Ahh nothing' is your exuse to everything now a days" Danyelle said. "You like the new kid?" she said a large smirk appearing on her face.

"Of course. He's Louis. My idol." I said practically drooling.

"Oh yeah how did you know his name." She said. I sighed loudly and looked at her straight in the eyes.

"You knew his name just last night" I shrugged. I hate this. What is happening to the world?

"Again! your acting weird!" Danyelle yelled softly "No you are!" I said.

"Ugh" she rolled her eyes.

Just then the bell rang and we all took our seats. I sat next to Danyelle in the back as we usually do. Mr. Cunningham and Louis walked up to the front of the class.

"Hello class today we have a new student." Our teacher started and Louis waved at everybody.

"So since we have a new student today were just going to go around the room. Tell everybody what is your name and one fact about you starting with the new kid" our teacher explained and I here silent laughs as Louis starts stroking his invisible beard.

"Well I'm Louis Tomlinson and...... I can play the piano.. Ahahaha little bit." Louis said and the whole class laughed this time.

We went around the room and when it went to Danyelle she sat up and cleared her throat.

"I'm Danyelle Contreras and uh... I love food I guess. That's a fact right? Okay." The whole class laughed and Louis spoke up catching my attention.

"Your perfect for my mate Niall" Louis laughed and Danyelle looked at me for a second before looking back at Louis.

"Seriously who is this Niall. And sadly for your friend I have a Boyfriend" Danyelle said rolling her eyes.

Wait a second. "Hey Louis do you know.. By any chance if four other guys also transferred to this school" Louis looked at me with wide eyes.

"Seriously are you psychic?!" He chuckled. "That a yes then?" I asked a little too quickly. "Yes" he answered and my blood froze.

Oh. My. God. Wait this means that Dani has a chance with Niall not that she remembers him but last night he was her night and shining armor. She has to still like Niall even though she Dosent remember him.

I was in deep thought until I felt all eyes on me.

"Ms. Jackson it your turn" Mr.Cunningham said. "Uh oh um.." I stuttered. Time to make a good expression.

"I'm Nohea Jackson, and I like carrots." I said smiling uncontrollably.

I saw Louis stare at me through the side of my eye and my smile turned into an evil smirk. Wow I'm creepy.

Once class was over and the bell rang I gathered my stuff and joined Danyelle outside of class. It was recess now yay time to explain...

"You've got major. Explaining to do." Danyelle said as if she were reading my mind.

"Okay can we just... Go somewhere quiet." I said sighing.

She led me to one of the old school bathrooms in the field area and I explained to her about One Direction. Her loving Niall and me loving Louis. My Heart attack in the car. And how everything just.. Disappeared.

"So your telling me. I'm head over heels with this Niall who I don't even kno-" "You DO know him. You just don't remember" I whispered the last part.

"Okay Okay. So... One of the most famous boy bands are in OUR SCHOOL!" Dani yelled.

"Yes... But no one remembers them. Not even the members themselves." I said feeling tears building up again.

"Hey don't cry. Um let's go back to the public area" Dani said trying to cheer me up.

I forced a weak smile before heading with Dani back to the open field.

"NUTELLA!!!" I heard a voice say and I turned to see my cousin Antonio running towards me.

"Y-you.. The.. And Z-zayn.. I saw him an- no one remembers... One Directio-.. What's happening!!!" He said creaking out. And if your wondering. Yes he's gay.

"Calm down. Wait. YOU REMEMBER THEM?!" I asked a little too loudly.

"Yes.. You do to..?" He asked still sweating. "OF COURSE! But.. Dani Dosent.."

He looked at Danyelle for a while with sad eyes then put his gaze back at me.

"I'm still explaining to her who One Direction is" I explained.

"Yeah um. I'm still here yah know. So what are there names. I know there's Louis. Niall. And Zayn. But who are the other two." Danyelle asked and me and Antonio looked at her.

"There's Harry and Liam" Antonio blurted out.

"I heard my name" a voice behind me laughed.

I heard MY name... Wait. What.. I quickly turned around and saw THE Liam Payne and THE Harry Styles.

"Holy shit." I muttered. And both beautiful boys looked at me.

"What's wrong love?" Harry said and Danyelle glared at him.

"Um exuse me you just met, you can't go around calling people loove whenever you want" she snapped.

Me and Antonio ripped our gaze from the boys and glared Danyelle.

"Sorry about that. It's a habit from where we came from lov- I mean um yeah." Liam stuttered. Aww leave it to Daddy Direction to fix up the mess.

"Yeah okay whatevs" Danyelle said rolling her eyes.

"Dani..." I said sadly. Dammit if she only knew who they were she'd be acting the same way as me and Antonio.

"Well I did here our names so what's up?" Harry said ruining the akward silence.

"Do you like singing.." I said without thinking and they started staring at me again.

"Are you um.. By any chance Nohea?" Liam asked and this time my my blood froze. OMG Liam knows my name. I am screaming on the inside.

"Y-yes.." I replied as calmly as humanly possible.

"Hey your the psychic girl right?" Harry said a little to happy.

"Um who told you that.." I said softly and looked to Antonio and Dani who have me a 'What the hell are they talking about look' I shrugged and looked back to the boys.

As if on cue Louis came.

"Hey Lads" Niall said in his cheery voice.

I looked over at Danyelle who was staring at Niall. I knew it. I knew she would still like him.

As for Antonio he was practically drooling over Zayn.

"Ah you met Nohea!" Louis said. Going over to Harry and Liam.

"Yeah" Harry said not breaking his gaze from me. I felt my face heat up as THE One Direction were standing before me.

"Well this is Harry Liam Zayn and Niall." Louis introduced pointing to each one of the band members.

"But you could call them Hazza Lili Zaynie and Nialler. And you could call me Boobear." Louis said in his cheerful voice.

Ugh Boobear I know..

I looked at Toni (Antonio) and he motioned me to introduce us. I took a deep breath to call myself down. Then started to speak up.

"Hi. I'm Nohea, that's Antonio, my cousin and this Danyelle my bet friend." I said pointing to each one of us.

"But you could call me Nutella. And you can call them Dani and Toni." I said pretty pleased with my introduction.

We shared our Hi's when the bell rang telling us to go to our next class.

I learned that I have Math with Toni and Liam. Dani has English with Niall and Harry. Louis and Zayn had Health together. Zayn had a class close to Health so he knew where there class would be. I was sad I didn't have to show them where though.

This will be an interesting school year.

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