Back In Time [ON HOLD]

Nohea had a blast with her best friend Danyelle. They were the biggest One Direction fans you would ever meet. They had posters, clothes, accessories, even weird cardboard cut outs of the famous band. But what happens when one simple wish turns out to be a big mistake? What happens when she accidentally wished something that would cause One Direction to not exist? What if one little thought made things different. Changed fate, and went Back In Time.

So yeah. I'm making a new one. The last one was just. Weird. So I'm totally done with the last movella. This one is more. What's the word. Better


14. Chapter 14

Nohea's P.O.V

When did Harry's eyes get so green? It's like I'm getting lost in his beautiful green eyes. I can't move. I've never felt this way about Harry before. I thought only Louis had this affect on next. What's happening?

"What the hell are you doing?!" Louis yells pulling Harry away from me ripping our gaze.

"Hey calm down I'm just asking a question" Harry laughs with his hands up in the air.

Woah. Maybe I shouldn't get too close to Harry. He is a flirt but I didn't know he could do this to me. Wow.

"3 feet away from her face!" Louis yells.

"Woah Larry!" I yell without thinking getting in between them. They both look at me weirdly.

"Larry?" Harry says. "Yeah I ship you guys" I smile.

"Your not serious?" Louis says and I chuckle. "Very serious" I laugh.

"That's cute" Harry says and I blush. He's talking about the name right? When did I get this nervous around Harry?!

"Never call us that again please" Louis rolls his eyes and I can't help but laugh at him.

"Let's get to class Laarry" I say dragging out the name and I heard Louis groan and Harry chuckled.


Nohea's P.O.V (still)

The rest of the class was spent with Harry making stupid and cute side comments about how weird the teacher is and Louis just glaring at Harry the whole time. Seriously what is wrong with these two?

Two more days. Just two more days until the sleepover. I hope it goes smoothly. Speaking of the sleepover, is Perrie still coming. Fuck.

I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket indicating that I have a message.

*A lot of Traffic. I'll be running a little late<3 -Mum

Hmm I wonder where Perrie hangs out after school? My questions are answered when I see Perrie and Brandon hanging out by the bus area.

*Can you text me when you get here?

*Sure -Mum

Alright. Perfect. I walk over to Perrie, getting ready to ask her about the sleepover. As much as I hate to suck up to her. I'm doing this for Zayn. Dammit Zayn.

"Hey" I say and the disgusting couple looks my way. I put on my best fake smile.

"Yes" Perrie says obviously annoyed by my presence.

"Uhm. Are you.. Still coming to the sleepover?" I ask her as politely as I possibly can.

"Why do you want her to go so badly?" Brandon asks.

"I wasn't talking to you Brandon" I say through clenched teeth. I don't know why but every time he opens his damn mouth my blood starts boiling. Oh wait I do know why. Cause he's a jackass that was messing with my best friend.

"Why do you want me to I so badly" Perrie mocks.

"Because Eleanor and Sophia's your friend, and if their your friend I want to be friends with you too" I lie and she seems to be studying my facial expression.



"I wasn't not gonna go anyway" Perrie mumbles. Okay so we have two bipolar people now?

"Alright cool" I smile and before I leave I see Brandon whisper something in Perrie's ear.

Well at least she's still going. That weight is off my shoulders and my mum hasn't text me yet so I guess I have time to spare.


Danyelle's P.O.V

The moment I step out of class the first thing I see is my dad's car. I think about running away as fast as humanly possible but the thought of him hurting my grandparents stop me.

Before I could change my mind about anything my father spots me and flashes me a bright smile.

Shock and terror fills my body. What the fuck? Did he just smile? He never smiles. I don't know what will happen once I step into that car but I know it will be... Different.

I slowly walk to the car and open the door. As I take my seat I notice that the radio is on. Good. It doesn't have to be completely awkward.

"So.. Are you hungry?" His voice is unsteady. Seriously?

"Not really" I answer looking out the window.

"Oh" Was the last word he said. Let the silence begin.

I notice that were not going back 'home'. As in were not going to my dad's house.

"Where are we going". I ask.

"To get your stuff from your grandparents." He answers.

"What! No! I don't want to stay with you!" I snap.

"Don't go there Danyelle" His handle on the steering wheel grippens. Knowing him he'll get into a car crash so I decide to wait until were out of the car to argue with him.

Once we arrive at my grandparents house I unlock the door with the spare key they have me and enter the house.

"Hello? Nana I'm home" With an unwanted guest.

"Oh Welcome home dear I was ju-" She stops dead in her tracks when she sees my dad.

"Oh. H-hello son" She stutters. "I'm just getting her stuff and I'll be out" He says under his breath walking past me.

I want to stop him but I don't want to cause a scene.

"I thought you were staying here" She whispers in my ear when my father is no where to be seen. "I thought so too" I sigh.

"I would like to fight for you but I'm not exactly permitted to take you away from your father I'm sorry" She apologizes.

"It's not your fault" I assure her. "Don't mess with his temper. Do what he says alright?" Is she really asking me to do that.

"No, he says he won't hurt me and would 'never' want something like that with my mother to repeat. So if he really meant it he wouldn't hurt me but if he's lying and ends up hitting me again then obviously I have every reason to leave him" My voice raises.

My attention changes to my dad when he clears his throat. "Alright let's go" He tries to walk past me but I stop him.

"Can I stay here" I half ask half demand.


"Why not"


"Seriously?!" I half yell. He cannot be seriously not even giving me a reason for just taking me away from the people who will actually care about me.

"Why are you taking me away from the people who will actually care about me?!" I try to keep my voice down.

"Hey what's going on." My grandfather takes all of our attention as he walks into the hallway rubbing his eyes and scratching his back.

"Let's go Danyelle" My father tries to push me but I stay where I am.

"No you have to at least give me a reason why your taking me from them!" I am now full on yelling.

"I don't HAVE to tell you anything."

His voice is cold, and it sends chills down my spine.

"If she wants to stay here she can son" My grandfather says understanding what is happening right in front of him.

"Don't tell me what my daughter can or cannot do." He growls.

"Oh so now I'm your daughter" I half laugh. "When did that happen" Sarcasm is clear in my voice and I back down when my dad looks like he's about to kill somebody.. Again.

"Out" He directs me. I groan but listen to him before something bad happens.

Once I get in the car I put my earphones in and ignore the world. Father included. I can't believe he's forcing me to go back home.

"Fuck!" I yell not knowing that my father is now sitting right beside me.

"What did you just say to me" His voice is creepily calm.

"I wasn't saying that to you" I explain and put back in my earphones. Once we arrive at the house I don't waste anytime getting out of the car and heading straight for my bedroom. I take my music out and lock the door behind me and lie on my bed.

Right when I get comfortable and drift off to sleep there is a knock on the door. I roll my eyes and try to ignore the knocking.

"Danyelle open the door and get your clothes" My dad instructs me but I don't listen.

The knocking has turned into pounding and I'm afraid the door will break. "Don't make me go back to your grandparents house!" He threatens me and my blood freezes. He wouldn't hurt them. He wouldn't.

Yes. He would.

I sigh and walk to my door slowly unlocking it. The door busts open hitting me right in the head.

"What. The. Fuck." I say quietly under my breath.

"Oh I am so sorry" He apologizes. How many fucking bipolar people are there in the world.

I roll my eyes and walk past him picking up my clothes on the ground and placing it on my bed.

"Now your gonna give me the silent treatment" More like I'll ignore you for the rest of my life but whatever.

After I put my clothes away I sit on my bed and put my earphones in. Waiting for my stupid father to get out of my room and close the door. He says something but I'm not able to hear it because of the music. He walks out of the room and of course forgets to close the door.

I groan and close my door locking it once more and I feel my phone vibrate stopping my music momentarily.

*We need to talk -Nutella


(Author's Note)

Is Nohea developing deep feeling for Harry like she does with Louis?

Does Harry like Nohea or is he just a good old fashion flirt?

Is there a real reason Perrie is coming to the sleepover?

Would Danyelles dad really hurt her grandparents?

What did Nohea need to talk about?

Keep reading and find out!

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