Back In Time [ON HOLD]

Nohea had a blast with her best friend Danyelle. They were the biggest One Direction fans you would ever meet. They had posters, clothes, accessories, even weird cardboard cut outs of the famous band. But what happens when one simple wish turns out to be a big mistake? What happens when she accidentally wished something that would cause One Direction to not exist? What if one little thought made things different. Changed fate, and went Back In Time.

So yeah. I'm making a new one. The last one was just. Weird. So I'm totally done with the last movella. This one is more. What's the word. Better


12. Chapter 12

Danyelle's P.O.V

"Hey Dani did you try to call me with a different number?" Nohea asked.

"No why?" I asked. I only have one phone and it's not like I can get another..

"I got 2 missed calls from an unknown number and 1 miss call from earlier this morning. Also I got a text." She said. That's weird.

"Well it wasn't me" I said, and took the phone from her hands without asking.

I stared at the familiar number for what seemed like hours. Not paying attention to everyone around me.

"Th-This is.." I stuttered. I couldn't bring myself to say it. How in the fuck did he get Nohea's number?

Everything around me seemed to be distant until I heard Niall say. "Are you okay?" I felt my heart flutter at his words but I shook my head in response.

"Y-you need to change your number" I said ignoring Niall's question.

"What? Why? Just.. Tell me who this damn person is. Ill block the damn number" she said. That won't work. My dad is hacker GENIUS when it comes to technology.

"He knows how to get pass a simple block. In fact. Why don't you change phones. I don't want you talking to him Nohea" I say. I could tell she was getting annoyed but If anything my dad is good at black mailing people. This is not happening.

"What does the text say?" Harry said. Oh fuck there's a text too?!

"It said that we needed to talk" Nohea said and I immediately checked the text.

"Maybe they got the wrong number?" Liam said.

"No." I muttered, it's the same number. My dad's..

"Who is it Dani?!" Nohea asked me again.

"This number.." I gulped.

"This is my dad's number" I said and saw Nohea's and Antonio's face go pale. Everyone else was just too confused to understand.

"What's so bad about your dad Dani?" Niall asked me with a soothing voice rubbing circles on my back. His touch sends shivers through my spine but I shift uncomfortably to try and make him stop. He seemed to get the message because he stopped and blushed a little.

"How did your dad get my number?" Nohea asked totally shocked.

"I don't know.." I say. "I'll ask him" I clarified.

"No!" Tony and Nohea say in unison.

"Okay seriously were all still here you know" Eleanor yelled and we all snapped our heads toward her.

"I-I" Could I really tell them? I look at Nohea and she shook her head at my answering my question.

"Uh. We need to talk somewhere else" I said and started to get up but Niall grabbed my wrist and sat me back down. He makes me so weak when he touches me.

"No. You guys are hiding to much stuff from us!" Eleanor said and Tony sighed.

"We've only known you for 3 days.." Tony clarifies clearly hurt by his words. Lying. We knew them for 3 years how about that. I sighed to myself.

"And haven't we became closer in those 3 days?" Sophia smiles and Liam looked like he was falling for her. Hard.

"Well you invited us to have a sleepover we could talk it over then?.." Liam suggested. That could be a good idea but I don't think Toni would want to talk about my problems with them.

"I don't thi-" "Yeah that's fine" Toni said surprising me and Nohea.

"What sleepover?" Niall asked.

"Oh right, Tony invited the five of us for a sleepover at his house." Liam explained looking at the five lads.

"I'll go" Niall said looking back at me. I am killing myself by looking I'm his eyes.

"What for?" Harry asked.

"Just to hang out" Toni clarified.

"I guess theres.. nothing better to do." Harry said shrugging.

I've noticed that Louis is creepily quiet today. "You okay Louis?" Nohea asked and suddenly Louis became a human again and started paying attention to the world. Woah. I think something bad is happening. I pay attention to the way Louis looks at Nohea but Nohea tries not to look at him. Oh shit.

"Uhm yeah I'm okay." Louis said.

"Can you come?" Toni asked.

"Come to what?" Louis said. Wow he is out of it.

"The sleepover." I say.

"Oh. I.. Don't think I'm.... Yeah sure I'll go" Louis said suddenly. I am so not in the mood for bipolar Louis.

"Speaking of which we are also having a sleepover" I said and Nohea smiled.

"Were inviting you three" Nohea said to the three girls sitting across from us. Everybody looked like they almost choked when she said that.

"What?" Nohea asked. "Your inviting Perrie?" Zayn asks with disbelief. Wow he must really not like her. Not good.

"No thanks" Perrie said finally getting off her phone and talking to us. This bitch is annoying.

"Why not. I'm going" Eleanor said.

"Me too!" Sophia squealed.

"Why do you want me to go" Perrie said leaning into the table.

Cause your a bitch who needs to be learned a lesson. "Cause we want to make friends with you" I lied.


"Okay what?" Nohea asked.

"I'll go" she said and walked away. Eleanor and Sophia squealed and followed her. Once she left Zayn spoke up. "Why would you invite her?" Zayn asked.

"I don't like making enemies Zayn" Nohea said rolling her eyes.

"Why don't you like her Zayn?" I ask him.

"I don't not like her.."


"But I don't like her either" Zayn added and I saw Antonio grin.

The bell rang and we made our separate ways to our classes.

"Hey wait up!" Niall said catching up with me.

"It doesn't make any sense" I say to myself but obviously 2 boys have to be all up in my grill.

"A lot of things don't make sense" Harry laughs.

After I take my seat In English Niall and Harry take a seat on each side of me, but right now I have other things to think about. Perrie is a complete bitch. I feel like she is planning on murduring us in our sleep. How can she just agree to go. I need to put on my best fake smile and get it out of her. I know she didn't agree for no apparent reason. And to top all that shit up how in the hell did my dad get Nohea's number. I seriously need to talk to him.

"Uh. Are you okay?" Niall asked me snapping me out of my thoughts.

"How many times have you asked me that in the pass 3 days?" I laugh trying to lighten up the mood.

"More then he's supposed to." Harry winks at Niall. I try to ignore the fact that they might be talking about me.

"Ms. Contreras you have a call" My teacher said holding a phone in her hands.

"Oh. Okay." I say walking up to the front of the class. I hate when I get calls and I have to talk awkwardly in the front of the damn class. I wish they could plug the phone in the corner.

"Hello?" I take the phone out of my teachers hands.

"I want you back." I hear my fathers voice through the phone and I feel my knees get weak.

I stand there speechless. What am I supposed to say?

"What do you mean?" I whispered. I'm not even sure if he heard me.

"I want you to come back home" He says and my heart drops. Does he only take the effort to keep his child when he knows he can't have her?

"No. How can you just randomly call me from my school and say that you want me to come home out of the blue after not giving two shits about me for how long?!" I try to keep my voice down but I can't. I feel all my anger about to come and I forget that I'm in class.

"Don't talk to me like that! I'm still your father!" He says coldly but calmly.

"Still my father? You weren't a father to anybody for the past few months of ignoring your gosh damn daughter when she desperately needed you!" I yell through the phone and I know everyone I'm the class is now looking at me but I could care less.

"I'm picking you up from school today and if your not there I'm going to your grandparents house" He says and the line goes dead.

I stand there dead in my tracks as I try to process the words he just said. I don't want him to pick me up but I can't have him going to my grandparents house. What if he hurts them? He wouldn't. Would he?

All my anger gets replaced by fear and I drop down to my knees into a sobbing mess. This cannot be happening.

"Hey hey it's okay. It's gonna be okay" My teacher tries to calm me but there's no way she could. Nothing's okay. I shake my head.

"Hey what happened are you alright?" I hear Niall's voice say and I shake my head no.

"Do you want to go to the student center?" My teacher asks me and I nod yes not trusting my voice.

"Can we come with her?" Niall asks.

"You can't unless she want you too" My teacher answers.

"Do you want us to go with you?" I hear Harry ask and I shake my head no. I don't think that's a good idea. I only know two people that can help me.

"Nohea and Antonio. Can they come?" I ask. My voice is hoarse from all the crying and I finally lift my head up to see Niall, Harry, and my teacher looking at me with a worried expression. The rest of the class just stare at me awkwardly.

"Of course dear" My teacher says in a soothing voice and heads for the Phone calling their classes I presume.


(Authors Note)

Sorry this chapter took so long guys, I was caught up with family stuff. Eh.

What's with Perrie?

Why was it so easy to make her agree to come to the sleepover?

What does Danyelle think about the way Louis looks at Nohea?

How long will Danyelle continue to push Niall away?

How will she deal with her father?

Will her father really go as far as hurt her grandparents?

Keep reading to find out!

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