The Time Of Our Life

Melissa and her best friend, Carly, are fangirls. Obviously for One Direction. They've bought tickets for the tour. Only for two concerts though. But what's about to happen might give them free tickets for the whole tour.


1. OMG!

Melissa's P.O.V


Brrrrrrr! It's freezing cold! I'm on my way to a 1D concert!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH! I can't wait! It's all thanks to Carly, my BFF.

"Melissa. Melissa. Psssst." Carly whispered.

"Yup?" I whispered back.

" Who out of One Direction do you think is hot?" she asked.

" I would say......Niall." I awnsered. " What about you?"

"Hmmmm. It's hard to decide. If I had to choose it would be Louis." She awnsered.

" We're here girls." my dad said stoping the car.

" Thanks." I said to my dad and kissed him on the cheek. We went into the venue and then it started.

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