Attention (Harry Styles) (Mini Series Hashley) Bk1

I wanted to get a girls attention, what was the best way to get a girls attention who didn't know I exist? Catch her attention. Achingly slowly.


6. Chapter 6

Harry's POV:

She liked me, all she was doing was resisting the fact, I was fun, and kind. If she just allowed herself to see this side of me, she'd forget that I was a pop star, famous, and a singer.

I again went to the bar, the guys were wondering why in the evening I wouldn't hang with them. I guess they were curious, they knew it had something to do with a girl, I never normally acted like this, for me this was out of character but I was determined to get noticed by her, and get some postive attention was that so wrong?

She was there at work again, and she got her co worker to take my order, she refused to even look at me and that really hurt.

I drank my drink and tried to get her attention which failed, she was playing hard to get. Very truly hard to get.

I ordered some water after I finished my drink, she took this order as her co worker had ended her shift.

"Hi" she spoke carefully.
"Why are you avoiding me?"
"Listen Harry I told you yesterday"
"No" I said "no you didn't"
"I'm a bar maid"
"It doesn't matter"
"It does your young hot and famous I'm poor okay so just please butt out"
"Listen It doesn't matter I like you"
"The names Ashley" she told me silently "Thanks Harry but I'm not interested in dating you, or anyone, I'm not that good enough"
I sighed, at least I knew her name, her name was Ashley, maybe I could change her mind, I would date her.

I didn't push a longer conversation, I'd return the next evening I'd keep trying, until I helped her see who I was behind the guy on the stage, and helped her realise she in herself was beautiful.

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