Attention (Harry Styles) (Mini Series Hashley) Bk1

I wanted to get a girls attention, what was the best way to get a girls attention who didn't know I exist? Catch her attention. Achingly slowly.


4. Chapter 4


Harrys POV:


Of course I returned to the bar the following evening.


"Don't you hang out other places?" she asked me.


"What will it be this time?"

"Lemon lime and soda, care to join me?"


"Your really harsh" I spoke.

"That be three fifty" she ignored my protest.

I dished out the change into her palm and her smooth skin touched mine, I flinched back.

"I'm not on tomorrow, so you can stop pestering me" she told me putting the money in the till.

"I am not pestering you"

"I don't want the media to know, you know, they'll get the wrong idea"

"Fine" I nodded. I wondered what idea she was thinking they might get.

"Listen Harry I'm not interested in you"

"I know" I told her "thats fine"

She breathed in and out.

"You don't have to be a model to date me" I told her knowing this would get her annoyed.

"Oh you and your big ego, I think I do fine for myself Harry, your not my type"

"I can make myself your type"

She sighed.

"Just leave me alone already" she cried.

"I can't I like to have a drink after recording"

"Surely your mates want you to hang with them"

"Listen darling this is where I like to hang, and obviously you love to hang here to"

"I work here" she told me.

"And all I'm doing is trying to capture your attention"

"Don't bother" she pulled of the apron and went out the back, out of reach, boy this girl is hard to get.

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