Attention (Harry Styles) (Mini Series Hashley) Bk1

I wanted to get a girls attention, what was the best way to get a girls attention who didn't know I exist? Catch her attention. Achingly slowly.


3. Chapter 3

3 -

Harry's POV:


This would have to catch her attention I decided holding red roses the following evening, this time fully clothed and grinning.

I held them out to her over the bad.

"Sorry I can't" she said, she stepped back.

"Why not they'd look great in your place"

"Its not that" she told me she diverted looking in my eyes.

"Your with somebody?" I asked out loud, I never thought of that.

"No" she told me "I don't want your flowers"

"Its just a mere gesture I recognise your beautiful" I explained.

"Whats your name?" she asked me, she pushed the flowers down to the counter seperating us.

"Harry" I spoke.

"Listen Harry stop pestering me I'm clearly not interested, in you, your flowers, or your fame"

"That is not true" I lifted the flowers up and then slapped them down.

"Order a drink before my boss notices" she promoted.

I order a drink.

"Can you quit bugging me I'm not going out with you" she told me as I made an attempt to flirt.

"Can't we just talk?"

"Listen I'm flattered you like me your a heart throb and all but your just not my type"

I scoffed.

"Then what is your type?"

"I'm not discussing it" 

"Please" I  begged "tell me who you like, tell me how I can capture your attention"

"No Harry" she told me firmly "I'm just a bit busy" she moved on to serve someone else.

I was left holding roses, and a cold drink, as cold as my heart was feeling. 


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