Attention (Harry Styles) (Mini Series Hashley) Bk1

I wanted to get a girls attention, what was the best way to get a girls attention who didn't know I exist? Catch her attention. Achingly slowly.


2. Chapter 2


Harry's POV


Although the night was chilly I decided to go shirtless, I didn't really mind I liked the cooler fresher weather anyway.

So I walked into the bar where I was the last evening, right away her eyes flicked upwards, I guess she was use to the visit I paid to the bar she worked in the evenings, or maybe she was not use to my  skin colour, it was quite tone.

If I hadn't already tried to give her the hint that I quite liked her, then this woudl surely do the trick, I hoped.

I approached the bar.

"We don't serve shirtless men" she told me.

I smiled, at the realisation she saw me as shirtless, did she take in any of my other beautiful features?

"You noticed" I flirted, leaning on the bar.

"We don't serve guys with tattoos exposed either" she looked up at me I couldn't tell if she was serious I held a frown, not sure how to take her, was she having a joke at my suspense. I knew I should have removed that butterfly tatoo. 

"The last one is a joke, but please can you put a t-shirt over yourself?" She asked breaking me from my day dream

I laughed "No can do"

"Then I cannot serve you" she turned away, I hated the lose of her attention. I could mark this down as the first attempt at a conversation.

"Why won't you even try to be impressed?" I asked.

She looked back to me "I don't fall for famous men"

"So you know who I am?" I smiled happily.

"Yes I know who you are, does it matter?"

"No" I responded.

"Can you please put a shirt on" her back still facing towards me.

"I don't have one on me" I told her blankly. She turned around, a smirk on her face.

"You don't say" she says and turns away again.

"What can I do to make you like me?" I asked quietly.

"I just don't like famous guys" she replied.

"But I don't see myself as famous" I reasoned.

"Please come back when your dressed" she told me.

I licked my top lip, I didn't want to leave yet! I knew she wouldn't serve me if I wasn't dressed, I had to leave I realised, and come back fully clothed tomorrow, my tongue wanted my desired drink but yet I was getting nothing, no drink and no attention. Frustrating to say at least. 


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