Attention (Harry Styles) (Mini Series Hashley) Bk1

I wanted to get a girls attention, what was the best way to get a girls attention who didn't know I exist? Catch her attention. Achingly slowly.


1. Chapter 1


Harry's POV:


My my, I had worked so hard for this, for the time when q certain girl would look over to see me. It didn't have to be a long look but just a look would do.

I had the charm that made every girl look my way, but my flirty grin, my curly hair, and seaweed green eyes were not working on her. What was I going to do?

I burst out suddenly in song, I got a disgusted look from her face, and stopped right away. She started to serve again, dishing out change and drinks, a guy with tattoos ordered drinks for him and his mates, and he watched me with beady eyes. I made the swivel chair  I was seated on swivel, she caught my eye again and not in a good way, I didn't want to look like a school boy before her, doing what I was doing didn't make me look mature. "Can you please stop" she told me, I simply nodded, she had such a pretty voice, I liked her voice right away.

I realised I was getting the wrong type of attention.

"Do you want to dance?" I asked her, as the noise from the speakers boomed around us.

She shooted me a look as she handed the drinks to the man, obviously I was disturbing her.

"I can't" she told me "I'm working, and if the boss sees me chatting then the rent won't be paid, so please" she told me kindly.

She turned away from me, wiping down the counters. I hanged my head lowly. I was going to get her sacked that wouldn't make a good impression, I decided to return tomorrow, I'd try again.  


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