Replacing Harry Styles

A big fight between the guys of One Direction means Harry Styles makes a deal. Marcel, Harry Styles twin brother is to take his place for three months. With the three months up, will the lads choose to keep Marcel and replace Harry Styles forever?


2. Part 2

Louis Pov:


Marcel was energetic and always on cloud nine. He wore the same goofy grin, knew the flirty ways like Harry. If you looked close you saw Harry, from a distance you saw Harry, but he was Marcel.

It was three days later and Harry hadn't come back, he didn't return my call, and didn't answer the door when I rocked up to his sister’s Gemma’s house. She answered saying, ‘He wanted nothing to do with any of us, and to find a replacement’

We had found a replacement, but we didn't want a replacement. We wanted Harry back, but he hadn't deflated, he was as angry as ever. Marcel took the invitation, in full force, saying he'd talk Harry ‘round, but he would take up the opportunity we offered in the meantime.

The fans took it badly. They sent him endless Tweets, pictures, and signed petitions. But none of it was working he wouldn't come back.
If he wouldn’t listen to dedicated fans. What chance did any of us have?

We stepped on stage for the first time with Marcel in Harry's place, and we did amazing. The fans started chanting “Marcel” when we got into the third song. We started to loosen up, we let ourselves just perform. We didn't need to worry about Marcel, he took care of himself, and he dressed the group up nicely. There was no absence with Marcel there. It felt weird but also right some how. 

I was walking to the after show, Eleanor my girlfriend nearly of two- and-half years clutching my arm. I saw a lone figure, his hair was curly, his smile turned down as he was speaking into his mobile. I whispered to Eleanor to go ahead. I waited for him to slide the phone away into his pocket..

"Harry" I said.
His eyes turned to me. Green eyes looking directly into mine.
"Louis" he said with no feeling.
"Listen, Harry," I began to say.
"No, I heard what you had to say" he told me. "I don't care to hear anymore."
"You don't understand," I told him.
"Oh, I saw Marcel on stage, he took my place well," Harry said with no emotion.
"We had no choice, Harry, it wasn't what we wanted to do seriously. But you didn't come back. We wouldn't manage without you"
"You seem to be managing fine Louis, I'll see you round" Harry started to turn away.
"Harry, wait" I said. "We’re mates, please talk to me."
"We were mates, I did talk to you. Bye Louis" He didn't turn back to me as he walked away.

I made my way to the after party. Marcel was in the corner, talking to three girls in a booth. His smile flashed at me, his hand rose, and he winked. Liam and Eliza his little cousin, were talking with Zayn and Perrie. Niall drank down soda, and chewed on a celery stick. I slid in to a sit beside him.
"Where's Eleanor?" I asked.
"Toilet" he mouthed.

I felt I let Harry down, and it felt horrible. Marcel fitted in so well, if he didn't fit in so well, I may have felt less guilty. But having him part of the group should have meant we stepped down, but in fact we had stepped up which made it worse then ever.


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