Heart throb

When Lila volunteers to take her younger sister milly to travel halfway across the world to see a group of boys she obsesses over she realises she may have bitten off more than she can chew.


5. come over

Erin's p.o.v

I was getting all my bags ready to leave. I walked down the hallway and into my parents room. "Mum we have to pick everyone up now" I said to her kindly. "Get in the car, I'll meet you in there" she said. I opened the car door and sat in shotgun. My mum got in the car and we picked everyone up and started driving to the airport.

~skip to flight~

We were finally boarded on the plane and soon enough we were in the air. I was sitting in between kylan and Hannah, Charlie was in front of me sitting next to Flynn. Hannah fell asleep after like 5 minutes so I had some time to talk to kylan.

Me: hey

Kylan: you okay after today

Me: yeah, it just pisses me off knowing I had my first kiss to someone I hate

Kylan: I'm sorry

Me: it's not your fault

Kylan: I know but I feel like it is

Me: we'll you don't need to worry, I'm fine now

Kylan: so have you got your eye on a specific magcon boy

Me: we'll there is one person......

Kylan: who Is it

Me: matt Espinosa

Kylan: maybe he'll like you

Me: kylan, he's famous, he could have anyone in the world. Why would he like me

Kylan: caus your beautiful, funny, kind, caring

Me: thanks but there's gonna be thousands of other people there. He probably won't even notice me

Kylan: your probably gonna be the prettiest girl there

Me: aren't you a little Prince Charming

Kylan: don't call me that

Me: okay I'm sorry

Kylan: can I tell you something

Me: sure go ahead

Kylan: I like you

Me: I know your sister told me

Kylan: she's gonna die next time I see her

Me: calm down, it doesn't matter

Kylan: so were still friends

Me: forever...

Kylan: ...and always

We stopped talking for a bit and I was reading a book. It's called 'smooch and rose' by Samantha wheeler and it's about a girl who tries to save a koala. I personally think it's a really good book.

~skip to plane landing~

The plane was finally landing after like 5 hours. I woke Hannah up and a couple of minutes we were in the airport. We had to get a taxi to drive us to our hotel. I got us a taxi and kylan told the guy the hotel we were staying in. It took us almost 12 minutes to drive there and the hotel looks amazing. Me and Hannah walk through the doors dining fancy by iggy azalea because that's how we feel right now, but we only sing quitley. I go to the front seat and sign in. The lady handed us our key and said we were room 109 on floor 5.

We were walking to the elevator when I saw someone that looked familiar. I stopped walking which caused everyone to stop behind me.

Flynn: what's the hold up

Me: that guy over there

Charlie: what about him

Me: he looks familiar

Hannah: stop staring and act natural

Me: why

Hannah: he's comming over here

He was walking over in our direction, so we pretended to be in a conversation. He walked up behind me and taped me on the shoulder. He wasn't that much taller than me and that's when I realised who it was. He had brown hair, brown eyes, and he was wearing a bandana. It was Taylor caniff.

Taylor: hey beautiful

Me: hi

Taylor: my names t-

Me: Taylor caniff, I'm going to magcon this Tuesday

Taylor: so I get too see more of your beautiful face

Me: yea I guess so

Taylor: what's your name?

Me: oh my names erin

Taylor: what room number are you?

Me: 109 what about you

Taylor: no way, I'm in room 108

Me: really, who are you sharing a room with

Taylor: we'll it's me, matt and jacob

Me: what room are the others in

Taylor: the jacks and shawn are in 107, cam Nash Hayes and Aaron are in 106

Me: oh that's cool, we should hang out sometime

Taylor: wanna come to my room in 5?

Me: sure I'd love to

And with that he walked off. I turned around to my friends and we walked into the elavator. It was just us in there so we had a quick chat.

Kylan: so your going to a strangers room because he called you beautiful

Me: no I'm going to his room because he's Taylor caniff and he's my idol

Hannah: I'm so happy for you

Me: I know me too, I'm so excited

Charlie: don't do anything I wouldn't

Me: okay dad

Flynn: but seriously though, use protection

Me: you think after what happened with cooper today I'm gonna go have sex with an 18 year old, you guys are such peverted freaks, I'm only 12 remember

We got out of the elevator and walked to our room. The first thing I did was get in the shower and got changed because I wanted to look decent to go to Taylor's room. Plus Taylor, matt and jacob are some of my favs out of the boys.

I was wearing the same high waisted shorts as before, a white crop top with long blue sleeves, I had my natural wavy hair down and a dark blue bandana on. I was literally freaking out about going to his room. I can't believe this is happening to me. It was almost time for me to go to his room so I quickly put some mascara on, some lip gloss on and I wore some black flats.

I walked to Taylor's room and knocked on the door. He answered it and let me in. The other boys were all in nash's room making a video so it was just me and Taylor.

Taylor: hey beautiful, glad you came

Me: thanks and why wouldn't i

Taylor: so, we should get to know each other better

Me: I already know a lot about you I'm a fan remember?

Taylor: oh yeah, how about I ask you questions and you answer them

Me: okay sounds good

Taylor: how old are you

Me: 12

Taylor: wow really, you look 15

Me: yeah I get that a lot

Taylor: who is your favourite singer

Me: jacob whitesides, shawn mendes and Trevor Moran

Taylor: nope don't know any of them, what are your hobbies

Me: singing, dancing, hanging with friends

Taylor: wanna watch a movie

Me: sure what movie

Taylor: how about finding nemo

Me: are you suggesting this because in 12

Taylor: no I just like the movie

Me: we'll your lucky I do to

We sat on his bed and watched the movie.

Is it wrong if I like him? Yes erin it's very very wrong. He's 6 years older than you, I'm pretty sure that's illegal. But he's so perfect. No erin don't think like that.

I kept on thinking about my feelings for Taylor but I don't even know why I would think he would ever like me.

Taylor's p.o.v

So I'm laying on my bed with this beautiful girl lying next to me and I think I like her. But I can't like her. She's 12. Why does she have to be soy young. I really do like her a lot. It doesn't matter if she's 12 if she looks 15 right? No Taylor that's terrible, you can't like a 12 year old, she's not even a teenager yet. Whilst we were watching the movie she moved closer to me and rested her head on my chest so I put my arm around her. I feel so relaxed with her. She's so perfect. But she probably likes one of the other guys more than me, plus Hayes is more her age. I don't want any of the guys to take her away from me.

Once the movie ended we just laid snuggled up together, with her head on my chest and my arm around her and we talked.

Erin: why did you invite me here

Me: caus your beautiful and I want to get to know you

Erin: I'm not beautiful

Me: what did you just say

Erin: I'm ugly

Me: don't you ever say that again and if anyone makes you feel ugly or worthless you tell me so I can punch their face and let you know how perfect you are

Erin: that's the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me

Just then I decided that it would the right time to kiss her, but not on the lips because she's only 12, I decided to kiss her cheek. As I kissed her gently I felt my Chet get wet. I looked at her eyes and she was crying.

Me: what's wrong

Erin: I'm sorry, it's just that today I had my first kiss with someone I hate and I couldn't do anything about it. I feel so used and that kiss just then reminded me what it was like

Me: oh erin, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel like that

Erin: no it's fine, it wasn't your fault, it's just overwhelming. I've always imagined my first kiss to be romantic but it was the complete opisite

Me: if you don't mind me asking, what type of kiss was it

Erin: we'll I don't want to go into detail but let's just say he decided to have a make out session on his front door step

Me: I'm sorry I wasn't there to help

Erin: you couldn't have been there anyway, I flew here from Australia

Me: your Australian

Erin: yep, so are all my friends

Me: that's cool, I've always wanted to go to Australia

Erin: not much to do there

Me: what state are you from

Erin: Adelaide

Me: oh cool

Erin: yeah

Me: look erin, I know we only just met but I need to tell you something

Erin: yeah what is it

Me: I um I really like you and I was wondering if you would like to go out sometime

Erin: I'd love to go out with you Taylor but I think your forgetting something

Me: what's that

Erin: our 6 year age difference

Me: oh yeah, we'll an age is just a number

Erin: yea and fans are just people, how do you think they will take it that your going on dates with a 12 year old

Me: they don't need to know, it can be our little secret

Erin: okay then

I was staring into her beautiful brown eyes and she was staring into mine, I leaned in close to her and she did too. Our lips were almost about to touch when matt and jacob came through the room and started shouting. They saw us and looked at each other than said "Taylor's got a girlfriend, Taylor's got a girlfriend"

Me: shut up guys

Matt: so are you gonna introduce us to your girlfriend

Me: this is erin and we're not official yet

Jacob: when did you two meet

Erin: today

Matt: wow Taylor you were gonna kiss a girl you just met

Me: oh shut up matt don't act like you've never done that before

Matt: so anyway, how old are you erin

Erin: guess

Matt: 16

Erin: nope

Matt: 15

Erin: nope

Matt: wait, how much of an age difference between you two is there

Me: it's bigger than the age difference from past girlfriends

Erin: do you give up

Matt: yes

Erin: I'm 12

Matt: Taylor can I talk to you outside

Me: umm sure

I walked out side if our hotel room with matt and we started talking

Matt: are you fucking serious Taylor

Me: calm down matt

Matt: don't tell me to calm down your dating a 12 year old

Me: we're not official yet

Matt: you were about to kiss her if it weren't for us

Me: yeah thanks alot for that

Matt: you seriously like a 12 year old

Me: yes matt, can you please just accept that

Matt: how old does she act

Me: what type if a question is that

Matt: just answer it

Me: umm I don't know she acts like us, all matured not childish

Matt: so she's a matured 12 year old

Me: yea I guess

Matt: whatever you do, do not get her pregnant

Me: I won't, not till she's ready

Matt: she's 12 it's illegal for her to have sex anyway

Me: yeah I know

Matt: especially with you

Me: c'mon we should go inside now

Matt: yeah let's go

We walked back in the hotel room to find erin still laying on the bed but jacob wasn't there.

Me: where's jacob

Erin: in the shower

Me: oh

Matt: I'm bored can we do something

Me: wanna play a game

Erin: what game

Matt: let's play truth or dare

Erin: okay

Me: sure

Matt: Taylor you start

Taylor: matt truth or dare

Matt: truth

Taylor: how do you feel agaings me dating a 12 year old

Matt: I don't care, as long as you don't get her pregnant

Matt: erin truth or dare

Erin: dare

Matt: I dare you to kiss Taylor on the cheek

Erin: okay

She walked towards me and as she leaned in to kiss me on the cheek I quickly turned my face towards he so that she would kiss my lips. She smiled and so did I. It was only a peck on the lips but It still felt magical.

Erin: matt truth or dare

Matt: dare

Erin: I dare you to slap cam jacob when he comes out the shower

Me: I think he's coming out now so hurry up

Matt: hand me that whipped cream

Me: here, now go do it, he's gonna come out soon

As jacob opened the door matt slapped his face and we all started cracking up laughing. We couldn't stop. Jacob looked so sad and he started to get a red mark on his face. Matt was rolling around on the floor laughing his head off. Erin and I were both sitting on the bed laughing. Jacob got some shaving cream and put it all over matt which made us launch even more. We were almost gonna die.

Erin: okay okay calm down now

Jacob: that was do mean matt

Matt: erin dared me to

Jacob: how could you

Erin: I'm sorry jacob

Me: that was so funny though

Erin: I better go back to my room now, my friends probably need me to unpack

Me: come over tomorrow okay

Erin: okay see you tomorrow guys

Everyone: bye erin

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