Bay Celeste lives in a world were you are born a witch, a vampire, a werewolf, a fairy, or a hunter. The baby's tears choose one of the elements; extreme curiosity, extreme beauty, extreme strength, extreme naivety, or extreme violence, and your talents arise from there. But there's something wrong with Bay. She couldn't cry the day she was born. Due to this altercation, Bay has grown up with everything. She could cast spells like a witch, she was gorgeous like a vampire, she could read her friends's thoughts like a werewolf, she could fly like a fairy, and she had the instinct to kill vampires, witches, and werewolves like a Hunter. So when she reaches the age of sixteen, she has to choose along with fours others. One single choice could change Bay's life forever.


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2. Chapter 2

My family chats among themselves as I poke at my dinner. The smell wasn't appealing- I personally despised cheese. "Bay?" My mom calls my name. I snap my head up, dropping my fork. "Yes?" She purses her lips. My mom was a vampire, and she had such perfect features, she could never make a bad face. "Are you alright?" The whole table stares at me and I put on a fake smile. "Of course! Why wouldn't I be?" Everyone's eyes return to their plates except my dad. His blue eyes look at me worriedly. I nod him off. He was a werewolf, but I'm too powerful for him to read my thoughts, but he could still feel my emotions. "Have you decided?" Ivy asks quietly. "What?" I stare at her. She clears her throat. "Have you decided on what you want to be?" That was the one question everyone was too scared to ask me. I squeeze my fork and it dissolves in my palm. "Ivy, Bay." My mom says warningly. She was already in a stance. Ivy rests her hand on her switchblade, and I knew I had to calm down. "No." I say quickly. "I just don't want to be a Hunter." I stare at Ivy as I say this and she stiffens. I couldn't live with the thirst to kill my family. Ivy already has flicked out her blade, green eyes blazing. I narrow my eyes at her. "Touch me." I snap. She doesn't put up her blade, but looks away. I couldn't take it anymore. "I have to go." I put on my jacket and walk out the door without any consent of anyone else, into the snow. I could barely feel it as I took off at the speed of lighting to my best friend Cassidy's house. In two seconds I'm knocking on the door quickly. She opens the door and she looks at me in awe. Then in freight. "Bay you have to go!" She says quickly and softly. Fear laced her voice. "You know we can't be out after ten o'clock; they'll shoot you on sight!" I grunt and roll my eyes. "Then let me in!" She grabs the collar of my coat and yanks me into her house, locking the door behind me. "You're so dramatic Cass." I roll my eyes as I take off my jacket and hang it on the familiar hook. She had a dark green cropped sweatshirt that showed her pierced belly button and black sweatpants, her blonde hair in a bun. She crosses her arms. "What do you want Bay?" I sigh. "My family is going nuts! I turn sixteen this Friday- Cass, what am I going to do?" Cassidy bites her lower lip. "You've crossed off Hunter, right?" I nod and follow her to her living room. Cassidy's face brightens. "You can be a witch like me!" Her purple eyes sparkle. "You know that Friday is the last day you can use spells and magic tricks. Just think of which power you want the most." I chew my lower lip. "But what about being a vampire? The prettiest girls at school are vampires. Will I still be pretty?" She rolls her eyes. "Yeah, a pretty bloodsucker." "That can run at the speed of light." I add. She shrugs. "Werewolf?" I think for a second. "Maybe. I like that I can read people's minds, but I don't like that if I get angry, I turn into a rabid dog. And bye bye chest." I point to my breasts. "If you haven't realized, all the girls that are werewolves have nothing. And they can't get a guy. Their marriages are arranged." Cassidy makes a blue wall out of magic and crosses off the words, Hunter and Werewolf. "So, what about a fairy?" I raise an eyebrow. "Extreme naivety? I don't like not knowing what's going on and believing everyone." I jump into the air and fly around the room. "But I like flying." She pulls me down with magic and I frown. "You can fly with magic." She points out. I sit down, shaking the gray magic off of my skin. "Fine. Cross out Fairy." She crosses it out on the magic board. I bite my lip. "That leaves being a witch or a vampire." She sits in the air, completely relaxed. "You don't need a wand to be a witch." She grins. "And no warts, no green skin, no hat, but it comes with a broom though." "I'll.....think about it. Bye Cass, see you at school." She nods and I grab my coat and take off into the woods. I trudge through the greenery to my house when I hear a whoosh and the sickly sweet smell. I widen my eyes as terror fills my body and I sprint to my house, my heart beating in my throat. The after night vampires. They vampires were the officers; and they were gaining on me.

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