Bay Celeste lives in a world were you are born a witch, a vampire, a werewolf, a fairy, or a hunter. The baby's tears choose one of the elements; extreme curiosity, extreme beauty, extreme strength, extreme naivety, or extreme violence, and your talents arise from there. But there's something wrong with Bay. She couldn't cry the day she was born. Due to this altercation, Bay has grown up with everything. She could cast spells like a witch, she was gorgeous like a vampire, she could read her friends's thoughts like a werewolf, she could fly like a fairy, and she had the instinct to kill vampires, witches, and werewolves like a Hunter. So when she reaches the age of sixteen, she has to choose along with fours others. One single choice could change Bay's life forever.


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18. Chapter 17

I wake to a blood curdling scream and bolt out of the tent, armed with my spear. A man was holding Belle to his body, gloved hand clamped over her mouth. I wondered why she stopped fighting until I see the gleaming knife pressed against her throat. Her eyes were wild with fright and I can't move, can't do anything. "Let go of her!" Riley snaps, crossbow aimed at his heart. The man just chuckles. "I wouldn't do that, sweetheart." Dylan lunges forward, dangerously close to the man, wielding his sword. The man moves the knife to Belle's waist and presses in, making her scream louder. Memories of Maria flash through my mind and I squeeze my eyes shut. "What do you want?" Rector's voice was complex. The man smiles. "The girl." He gestures his knife to me and my heart stops. "Me?" I whisper. "No." Rector stands in front of me. The man shrugs. "Suit yourself." He presses the knife against her jaw and her eyes roll into the back of her head. She's terrified, and I can hear her heartbeat speed up. "Stop!" I screech, pushing Rector aside. "I'll.....I'll do whatever you want." He grins and drops Belle like she's a rag doll. Her skin was pale and her face is completely void of emotion. "Come on, doll." I break free of Rector's hold and take the man's hand. The second he turned his back, he sinks to the ground, an arrow embedded in his back. We all look up and see Maria, her bow and arrow loaded. Maria laughs. "Some people are so stupid." She presses her boot against his back and yanks out the arrow, cleaning it and loading it back into her pack. "Maria!" I run and slam into her chest. She stumbles back a bit before hugging me back. Then I remember everyone else and quickly release Maria. "Guys, this is one of my friends. Maria." They mumble their greetings. "How did you get here?" She shrugs. "I actually don't know. I fell asleep and I woke up in the middle of this place. Then I saw you guys." I kiss her cheek. "Well I missed you. Come on, we're playing this awesome game called survival." I take her hand. "I'm so glad you're here." I whisper against her cheek. She grins at me. "Me too."

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