Bay Celeste lives in a world were you are born a witch, a vampire, a werewolf, a fairy, or a hunter. The baby's tears choose one of the elements; extreme curiosity, extreme beauty, extreme strength, extreme naivety, or extreme violence, and your talents arise from there. But there's something wrong with Bay. She couldn't cry the day she was born. Due to this altercation, Bay has grown up with everything. She could cast spells like a witch, she was gorgeous like a vampire, she could read her friends's thoughts like a werewolf, she could fly like a fairy, and she had the instinct to kill vampires, witches, and werewolves like a Hunter. So when she reaches the age of sixteen, she has to choose along with fours others. One single choice could change Bay's life forever.


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17. Chapter 16

Fairy features came out most in Hannah like they did in Belle. But I could tell that Hannah dyed her hair to fit in. One of her parents must've been a Hunter. Her hazel eyes were always filled with an emotion I couldn't put my finger on. I knew Jace didn't know that she liked him, loved him even. I felt bad for Hannah when he puts an arm around her neck, or when he pulls her to his side when we eat. I knew Jace didn't mean for it to come across that way, he just didn't realize what exactly he was doing. "Jace!" I hiss through my teeth. Hannah doesn't pick up my volume, but gladly Jace does. He walks over to me. "Do you like her?" I chew my lip, gesturing to Hannah. He scratches the back of his neck. "I.....don't know." His voice sounded troubled, and I let him go. He slides an arm around Hannah's shoulders and she presses her face into his neck, closing her eyes. If that girl had something, she had guts. I start to clean up. "You guys should go to bed." Just as I predicted, Hannah pulls Jace into her tent and I narrow my eyes. I didn't realize my movements created a hole in the ground. I groan and start sealing boxes. The fire gets put out and I look into the frosty green eyes of Rector. Who was dangerously close to me. I reach for a wrapper off a log, just to get away from him. "Feeling a bad vibe....." He starts. "Okay Bay, what did I do?" I snap my head towards him, eyes flaming. "Do you like her?" I whisper harshly. He creases his forehead. "What?" I look at my hands. "Riley. Do you like her." He's silent and I look up at him again. Then he shakes his head. Before I can stop myself, a smile bursts across my cheeks. I quickly return to my serene expression when he grins back. Before I could breathe, we're in his tent. As he is about to kiss me, I swallow. "Rector.....I....I kissed Dylan." He doesn't seem to care and slides his hands up my shirt, making me gasp. I relax against his touch, intwining my legs with his. Everything was too complicated for me right now. Should I like Dylan, Maria, or Rector? It was too much for me, and I fall asleep instantly.

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