Bay Celeste lives in a world were you are born a witch, a vampire, a werewolf, a fairy, or a hunter. The baby's tears choose one of the elements; extreme curiosity, extreme beauty, extreme strength, extreme naivety, or extreme violence, and your talents arise from there. But there's something wrong with Bay. She couldn't cry the day she was born. Due to this altercation, Bay has grown up with everything. She could cast spells like a witch, she was gorgeous like a vampire, she could read her friends's thoughts like a werewolf, she could fly like a fairy, and she had the instinct to kill vampires, witches, and werewolves like a Hunter. So when she reaches the age of sixteen, she has to choose along with fours others. One single choice could change Bay's life forever.


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12. Chapter 12

That morning, I got up before Maria did. Bundling up my clothes and switching out her bandage, I take in a deep breath. I couldn't believe it was finally here. Choosing Day. Before I know what I'm doing, my lips are pressed against her cheek. "Love you." I whisper. Then I prop open the window and take off running.

When I reach my house, I silently climb up the side and roll into my bedroom. Everything was exactly the same; no one knew that I had left. I quickly put on a sleeveless white top with a royal purple sweater, slipping into black skinny jeans. As I finish curling my hair, I hear a knock on my door. Confused, I open it and see my father. "Are you ready? Do you know what you want?" I press my lips together and nod. "Yes." He brings me to his chest, hugging me tight, kissing me on my forehead. "So what is your boyfriend?" I stare at him. "What?" He laughs. "Is he a werewolf, vampire, hunter, fairy, witch.......?" I swallow hard. "Uh......Hunter?" I had to make up something. He laughs. "Strange choice, but okay." I follow him downstairs where mom gives me a pep talk, almost crying. "Good Luck, Bay." Jace pulls me to his chest and rests his chin on my hair. Even though he was only fourteen, he was much too tall for my liking. Even Ivy gives me a thumbs up and I walk outside, driving to school.

Once I reached school, it was madness. Random throngs of people are being thrown every which way, teens banging into signs, and some stuck to the ground. I swipe my hands over the entire school, freezing the time. Four teens drop out of mid air and land on their feet. "I was having fun!" A blonde fairy pouts. Then I see Rector shifting his feet and I gasp. "Why aren't you guys frozen?" Rector steps forward. "Because all of us are just like you."

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