Bay Celeste lives in a world were you are born a witch, a vampire, a werewolf, a fairy, or a hunter. The baby's tears choose one of the elements; extreme curiosity, extreme beauty, extreme strength, extreme naivety, or extreme violence, and your talents arise from there. But there's something wrong with Bay. She couldn't cry the day she was born. Due to this altercation, Bay has grown up with everything. She could cast spells like a witch, she was gorgeous like a vampire, she could read her friends's thoughts like a werewolf, she could fly like a fairy, and she had the instinct to kill vampires, witches, and werewolves like a Hunter. So when she reaches the age of sixteen, she has to choose along with fours others. One single choice could change Bay's life forever.


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10. Chapter 10

I stare at my clothes I swore never to wear, but was thrown in the back of my closet. My killing clothes. It was a skin tight longsleeve black shirt with silver stripes down the arms. It had the same fabric for the pants and black lace up combat boots. I originally dyed my hair black so that I could blend in more. Since the light brown of my hair wasn't going anywhere, I throw it in a high ponytail and put on my black hoodie. I pull up my black rubber gloves and take a shuddering breath. I take one last look at myself before I lock my bedroom door and climb out of the window. I drop to the ground silently and take of to our meeting place. I'm praying that Maria didn't set me up again- I'd look terrible if she did. I immediately scale a tree, sitting in the crook of the branches, trying to stay invisible as I wait for the strange mixed scent of Maria to come. It takes a full thirty minuets until I finally smell it. I look down and see the blonde head of Maria, her hair seeming to be white in the moonlight. I tried to make her dye her hair black too, but she refused, stating that no one in their right mind would want to have black hair. She cups her hands around her mouth. "Bay!" She calls into the night. I drop noiselessly behind her. "You're late." I growl. She jumps a little, but tries to cover it up with her trademark lazy smirk. I shove her and she staggers back in surprise. "You're thirty minuets late!" I snap. "We were supposed to leave at nine when they started to patrol! Now they could kill us easy!" She rolls her eyes. "Calm down. With that nose of yours, we're not getting caught." I blush, but she doesn't pick it up, too busy studying our surroundings. She automatically points into a direction. "Let's go!" We take off side by side through the woods. Everything rushes at my face, the air whipping my hood off my head. She looks over at me and smiles. "You should keep your hair like that!" She yells. "It makes you look hot!" I roll my eyes but giggle. She grabs my hand and stops. My momentum throws us forward, and she lands on top of me. I spew dirt out of my mouth and shove her off me. She rolls for a few feet before jumping up. "Come on!" She mouthes, gesturing for me to follow her. I step in her dainty footsteps to cover my tracks. Then she leaps into the air, now completely invisible. "Maria?" I whisper yell. "Up here!" Her tinkly voice calls back. I cover our trails and leap into the sky and Maria catches me by my wrists, pulling me up. I sit behind her on the thin branch. "What now?" I ask, brushing off my gloves. "This is your plan." She gives me an angry look before pointing to a covered house. Morgan's house. It had to be. "She's home alone." Maria whispers. She tries to stand but slips and with a shriek she falls. I catch her hand, rolling my eyes. "You want me to throw you on the roof, or what?" She puts a finger to her lips and nods. I aim for it and send her flying. She lands, poised on her hands and feet. I step back and jump for the building, landing next to Maria as silently as possible. She crawls towards the only glass part of the roof and quickly manifests a silent spell, throwing it over the glass and the bottom of our shoes and gloves. I pull off the glass and put it to the side, lowering myself down. As soon as my feet hit the ground, I peel my ears to listen for movement. I shuffle to the left and Maria lands next to me. She looks around. "Nice place." I hear feet coming downstairs and I leap up, sticking to the ceiling. Maria catches on a little late, and I yank her up. "What do we do now, smart one!" I hiss at Maria as quietly as possible. She rolls her eyes. Morgan shuffled underneath us. She should've smelled us by now, but grief must've overtaken her senses. I whip out my spear and hand it to Maria. She flips out the blade and nods at me before dropping to the ground. Right on Morgan.

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