Out of the Blue

Abigail's mother passes away, leaving Abby to follow the clues she left to her father. Abby winds up in Malibu sleeping in an alley while she searches. A stranger shows her kindness, only to result in her plunging to her death.
But she is saved. By a man in metal armor.
This man not only saved her life, but he is about to change it.


3. Found

Ten minutes later we are walking into the most miraculous house I have ever seen. The mysterious man drags me in behind him. I can’t help but notice his house is on the edge of a cliff. My better judgment speaks up this time and I doubt my decision to be alone with another man. But something tells me this one is different. 
    “Honey I’m home.” He calls and steps onto a contraption that removes the armor from his body. 
     A thin blonde walks in and greets him with a wide smile. She embraces him and plants a kiss on his cheek.
    “Pepper, I’d like you to meet someone.” He turns to me and waves the woman’s attention to me. I feel my cheeks flush and I can’t help but feel for my dark brown hair in attempts to hide my embarrassment. “This is…”
    “Abigail.” I force a smile.
    “Hello Abigail.” The blonde makes her way to me and reaches out a hand. “Pepper Pots.” 
    The phone rings. “I’ll be right back.” said the mysterious man. 
    “So what brings you here?” Pepper asks taking a seat on the white couch beside us and patting the seat next to her, telling me to follow suite. 
    I fill her in on what has happened to me in the last hour. When I finish she sits silently, jaw dropped in surprise. 
    “So you came here looking for your father, ended up in an alley, then a man offered you food and a shower then tried to kill you for refusing him. Tony saved you and then brought you back here to stay?” She falls back against the cushion. “Wow. And how old did you say you were?”
    “Sixteen. You are handling this all very well. Are you hungry? I can make you something to eat, or make the guest room up for you.” The woman stands and starts paising as she goes from one idea to the next.
    “I’m fine Ms. Pots, thank you though.”
    ‘Tony’ enters the room. “Sorry about that. Just the office. What you two talking about?”
    “Find dad. Hotel. Push. Fall. Save. You. Here.” Pepper spills out unconnected works and Tony looks at me for clarification. 
    “I think she got it all.” I smile, then tell him my story.
    “Well do you know who your dad is?” 
    I shake my head. “Not a clue.” 
    He raises an eyebrow at me. “Then how do you expect to find him?”
    “Okay my mom did leave me some clues. I know he lives here, in Malibu. And I know that he is rich.” I ponder the thought. “I don’t want him to think I want to find him just for his money, cause I don’t care about that.”
    “Then what do you care about?” Tony sits beside me. 
    “I want a dad.” I sigh quietly. Tony places a hand lightly on my back. “I don’t know how I’m ever going to find him.”
    Tears begin to plummet from my eyes and Tony pulls in me tight. 
    “Do you know anything else about him? I will help in anyway I can.”
    “Mom said that she dated him in college and didn’t know she was pregnant until the summer after they graduated. By then he was already making progress at his father’s business and she didn’t want to burden him. I guess he’s some genius or something. That’s all I know.”
    Tony pushes me away and the sudden cold comes as a shock to my body. There is a wild look in his eyes. He looks up at Pepper and she looks back at him in confusion. He turns back to me. 
    “What was your mother’s name?”
    “Ellen why?”
    His breathing comes quicker. My eyes shift to Pepper and she seems to understand whatever is causing Tony to freak out.
    “Ellen what?”
    “Ellen McAdams.”
    Silence fills the room as the two stare at each other and then back at me. 
    “There is no way. No way!” Tony stands and walks towards the window. 
    “Ohmygosh.” Pepper puts her head in her hands and I look between the two, scared. 
    “What’s going on?” My voice shakes.
    “Tony I can see it!” Pepper stares at me and smiles slightly. “The facial structure, the hair. It’s there. I can tell.”
    Tony takes me in for a long time. I begin to feel uncomfortable and let my hair fall in from of my face. 
    “I thought there was something familiar about her. But this can’t, It can’t be.”
    “Tony, it’s true.” Pepper places a hand on his arm.
    “Pepper.” He looks at her, with the eyes of a man in love, apologizing to his sweetheart in their silent language. I had to lay off the Nicholas Sparks.
    They both turn to me. Tony sits back down next to me.
    “Abigail.” He places a hand on my forearm and I can’t suppress a shiver. “I have something to tell you.”
    “Okay.” My lack of confidence rings in my ears. 
    “In college, I dated Ellen McAdams.”
    My eyes grow, and he continues. “I took over my dad’s company. I’m a millionaire, genius.” 
    Time slows and I swear I can hear my heart pumping blood through my veins. I knew. I knew from the moment I saw him that he looked familiar. I didn’t know it was from the mirror. I can now see the similarity’s. The same jawline, same hair color, same sarcastic speech patterns. 
    “Abigail, I think I’m your dad.” Tony said. 


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