Falling for A Jonas

I've known Nick and his brothers ever since i was little and i've always had a crush on Nick and Joe but mainly Nick and i want to tell him how i feel but should i and will i before it's to late and someone else steps in
READ to find out more
it will be a good movella =)


34. Visting Nick

Jasmine's P.O.V

I never thought i'd be moving in with a guy after only a few days, but with Louis everything feels great, and i feel good around him and there is never any drama that i have to worry about.

I think that this is actually a really good idea, and Louis makes me feel really good about myself and with him i feel like i don't have to worry about him cheating on me with some other girl or anything i really like Louis and even though we haven't been dating for that long a week to be exact. i feel great about moving in with him and who knows where this would lead and it's really great.

Then i heard a knock on my door which snapped me out of my thoughts and then i answered it and i saw Niall and Liam and then Liam said

"is Louis in we have a meeting in a little while"

"yeah he is i'll go get him"

then i went into mine and Louis room and i said 

"hey Louis, Niall and Liam are here to pick you up for a meeting"

"okay" then he kissed me and then left and i heard a knock on the door and then i opened it and handed Louis his room keys and then i kissed him and he left. and then i sat on the couch and watched tv.

Carrie's P.O.V

I had nothing to do now that Liam was gone so i went to Nick's room and knocked and then he answered it and let me into his room, and he shut the door and then i kissed him

"i love you Nick, i really do and i got your note and i'm not gonna break up with Liam and stay in america i mean i thought i was the one who couldn't decide but you decided on me at least i think you did i'm not sure but i want to be with you but i want to be with Liam to and i want to be with him and move to England with him"

"come with me"


then we went into his room and then he kissed me and i pulled away and i said 

"i can't do this Nick i don't want to hurt Liam, i love him.....but then again i love you to, and if he find out about this he's gonna hate me and not want anything to do with me and like i said before i want to be with him and i want to move in with him"

"but you also said you love me and want to be with me to"

"yeah i did but also like i said i don't want to hurt Liam i love him"

"he doesn't have to know, and i won't tell him, and we can keep it a secret"

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