Falling for A Jonas

I've known Nick and his brothers ever since i was little and i've always had a crush on Nick and Joe but mainly Nick and i want to tell him how i feel but should i and will i before it's to late and someone else steps in
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13. thinking things through

*The next day*

Joe texted me and asked if he could come over but i lied and told him i was to busy, even though i really had nothing at all to do today and then i texted Nick and asked him if he would come over and he said he was to busy today and he'll come over tomorrow, so i said okay.

The whole day was boring all i did was watch re-runs on tv and stay in bed all day, and then came night.

I actually got out of bed and got dressed and went to the nearest fast food place and got myself some dinner, and when i got back to my house i saw Nick's car in the drive-way and i went over to him and sat beside him and said

"Nick what are you doing here i thought you said you were busy"

"i was but i'm not anymore"

"can you spend the night tonight and we can have a sleepover like we use to"


then all of a sudden Nick's phone started going off saying he got a few texts and they were from his girlfriend Jasmine asking him to come and spend the night with her and hang out with her cause she missed him and i saw the texts and then i said

"just go see her Nick"
"no i promised you that we'd have a sleepover"

"well promises can be broken you've changed since you got a girlfriend Nick it's like i don't even matter anymore because your always with her or planning for your tour i bet you werent even gonna say goodbye before you left just go to her Nick, and have fun!!!"

then i went inside and closed the door then a few minutes later i heard Nick Drive off.

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