Falling for A Jonas

I've known Nick and his brothers ever since i was little and i've always had a crush on Nick and Joe but mainly Nick and i want to tell him how i feel but should i and will i before it's to late and someone else steps in
READ to find out more
it will be a good movella =)


52. OMG

"Carrie's POV

After Nick left I sat on the balcony for another minute. I got up from the chair and walked back into the room. I went and sat next to Zayn who was in a deep conversation with Jasmin.

"Hey Carrie" Jasmin and Zayn said at the same time.

"Hi" said putting my feet on the coffee table.

"Are you okay?" I asked sympathetically.

"Yeah I'm fine" I said looking and smiling at her.

"You girls are awesome" Zayn said throwing his arms over our shoulders.

"Where did that come from?" I asked laughing.

"I don't know but your gals are awesome" he replied laughing.

Me and Jasmin continued to laugh we suddenly the door burst open. I jumped and quickly turned around. My eyes widen at the sight of what I saw.

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